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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Singapore City Tour 1

First Time Abroad
I had always fancied people who had gone abroad. I heard their stories and I wonder how it felt to stepped on a different land. A place faraway from home. I had never imagined that it would happened sooner than I expected. It felt surreal when we booked our plane ticket. I wasn't really excited, maybe because i just can't believed that its about to come true- not all people are given the chance to visit another country for fun, i feel blessed.
Together with my mum and my brother we headed to The Lion City,Singapore. The Merlion Statue is the symbol of Singapore, I've seen two different statues: one shines in the daylight with waters splashing out from its mouth while the other one shines at moonlight in its purple radiance that you'll never missed when you passed by. The Merlion in Merlion Park near the Singapore CBD is a well-known tourist icon of Singapore.

We walked alongside Marina Bay near the Singapore river and spotted Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. A Concert Hall and a Theatre that's dedicated for the performing arts. It was a gigantic metallic Durian fruit that's why some preferred to it as "The Durian" or "The Big Durian" or "The Durian Shell". Durian seemed to be such a pleasing fruit to the Singaporeans that they made a building which replicates the fruit itself.

The first thing that pops out in my mind when I heard we were going to the Underwater World at Sentosa Island was the movie ''Waterworld'' by Russell Crowe. The place welcomes you to a different world you walk through a hallway with sharks, stingrays, all kinds of small and big fishes swimming in all corners.  They're enclosed in a tank,a big sized aquarium that serves as the wall and ceiling along the way.  My favorite were the jellyfish, they adapt to their environment and they change color basing on the lights inside their tanks which also changes every minute.
We had our Lunch at the Mall I forgot the name, and I got to taste a mix of Malaysian and Singaporean dish. I loved the way they designed the food court and I can't help but took a picture of it.

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