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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to get there: Singapore Botanic Gardens

                                 A Glimpse of Nature
Nature Lovers would absolutely love to see Singapore Botanic Gardens, it's a paradise located in the City. It's a great place to be with nature, to have a break with all the complexities of life.

How to get there:
By Bus

Tanglin Gate: Board SBS transit nos. 7,105,123,174 and SMRT Bus nos. 75,77,106 and alight along Napier road.
Bukit TImah access and access to Jacob Ballas Children's GArden : board SBS  trnasit nos. 48,66,151,153,154,156,170,186 and SMRT bus nos. 67,171 and alight along Bukit Timah or Dunearn Road
Opening hours: 5 am to 12 midnight daily
Admission fee: Free

Swan Lake is a great place to relax your senses, you can have a seat at their Gazebo and have yourself a time to breath the fresh air. The swans were mysteriously entertaining.

The Bandstand
A Glimpse of Victorian Heritage
A perfect shot for a Wedding Picture. The area were surrounded with yellow rain trees still more or less in its original 1860's form. It was a great surprise to see again a wedding pictorial, just like what happened at Sentosa. It's a very interesting coincidence.

Sculptures you should not miss to see:

-Girl on a Bicycle down the spiral hedge. It pictures out how a free spirit with less worries in Life feels like.
-Lady on a Hammock
-Swing me mama mother-child tableau is an inspiring piece of art. It radiates love and happiness in all directions.
-Girl on a Swing local sarong kebaya costume of a lacy blouse and wrap-around batik print skirt
-Passing of Knowledge - a unique symbolic gesture that we usually see just around the corner, but the artist seen right through it and made a wonderful art.

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