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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Palawan "The City In A Forest" and Buenavista View Deck,Philippines

Palawan's Panoramic View 

How to get there:

Great thing is when you arrived at the airport you are welcomed with travel agents, you can choose from table to table. Everything is laid out in a silver platter, hotel rates and travel packages. We got to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights, and yes they have a certain package tour for those dates- perfectly planned out. We took their 3,300php package that includes airport transfer to hotel vice-versa, hotel accommodation with breakfast, City tour, Underground River with Lunch Buffet. 

The van drove along the mountains,trees and the wind felt great outside. During our road trip we’ve got to see a lot of amazing sceneries. It's a four hours travel going to our destination which is the town of Sabang, and 15 minutes before reaching Sabang you'll stop by to get a chance to see an overlooking place at Buenavista Viewdeck. A breathtaking view of Ulugan Bay.This is where the Vietnamese refugees landed to escape the war.  Beside the viewing deck is shop where you can buy some souvenirs, freshen up and do some stretching. 
"The City In A Forest"
Palawan is such a great place to unwind, there are lots of places where you can go to. Fantastic Beaches, One-of-a-kind Restaurants, Natural Resources and Exotic Foods, these are just some of the things that makes Palawan such an interesting place to visit. And of course the Underground River is one of the highlights of my trip -absolutely one of my favorites.
I've never got the chance to go to Honda Bay, Dos Palmas and El nido, the pride and pure beauty of Palawan. I wished I had leave my marks on those islands- maybe next time. I left a part of my heart at Palawan, someday I'm going to take it back with me. I longed for their pristine white, crystal clear beaches -never let money pull you back from what you want, that's what I learned. Still I felt fortunate to be able to get to Palawan, I've never expected to set foot there in my own expense -sort of, my mum was kind enough to donate a few bucks,thank's  mama! 

Bucket List: Palawan - check
Reminders: Never go to Palawan without enough money, save for your tour packages and for the souvenirs you want to take home. 

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