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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Singapore Riverside Nightlife

Singapore Riverside
How To Get There:

The most convenient way to get to the Singapore River is by MRT just alight at Clarke Quay Station and outside is the Riverside, or you can also take the  MRT going to Raffles Place. Getting there by foot is an equally attractive option as the sightseeing is great. In the day the temperatures can be quite high and the humidity levels are always above normal, while the evening are cooler, and the nighttime skyline is equally spectacular. Once you have reached Singapore River, the best place to start your tour is at the mouth of the Singapore River. 

Clarke Quay was surely a place to party and the crowds there was all pump for the night. We we're now heading for our next destination and before that, I had to go a place where I can be alone, and that would be the comfort room. While I was busy looking for a restroom, I was also enjoying seeing  everything around me. Along the way I bumped into a bar where a beautiful belly dancer was sensationally showing off her moves. People where cheering and I found myself to be one of them, I almost forgot that I have to be somewhere else. When I've finally found my target, it was a relief the bathroom was clean, just the way I like it, plus the male restroom had a very creative artwork which I can't help but took a picture of it. 

playful fountain surely made me smile while we headed to Singapore's river. We strolled along the Riverside which has a fabolous scenery especially at night time. The river looked absolutely gorgeous, the calm water has captured the colors of the lights which makes the place a sight everyone would enjoy. We were headed home, we waited around the bus station for our ride. While waiting everyone was busy chatting around and my brother noticed this board where we are seated and showed it to me. It's an interesting and inspirational message. You never know what you're going to see around the corner. Good thing I have my handy, dandy, all time camera buddy with me, to capture this kind of things that is truly something worth pondering about.

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