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Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to get there:First Zipline in Cebu, Philippines

Up Up and Away!
Doce Pares Zip Line

The first time I heard about the Zip line in Busay I had my next planned right away. This is the first Zip line ride in Cebu City, a must try that I shouldn't miss. 

How to get there:

20 minutes jeepney ride from Ayala Mall Terminal will get you there, depends on the traffic so better head there around 9am or after lunchtime-Jeepney number: O4L. Make your way to JY Square Mall located at the corner of Gorordo Avenue and Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City. Across the street or in front of Mcdonalds outside the mall there are motorcycles known as Habal-Habal waiting for costumers.
Motorcycle Fare: 80-100 php (two-way trip),use your bidding skills with the drivers. They will take you to your destination and will be back after your zip-line ride, depends have your way with the deals.
Doce Pares Entrance Fee: 25-50 php, they've been increasing the fee due to improvements. 
Zip-line Fee (two-way ride): 100php

It's an adventure going up to the mountain riding the motorcycle, you can instantly feel the changes, the air, how the temperature drops and the green scenery along the way.  When I had my first visit the Zipline cost just around 50 php, but on my second visit they have increased the amount. Zip line Back in Forth Fee: 100 php. A 400 meters ride which is also a  great experience for beginners who wants to feel the thrill of being suspended on air.

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