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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Malapascua Island Sunset Cebu, Philippines

Malapascua Island Sunset 

Sunset always reminds me of my past, the mistakes I've made and most of all the moments that took my breath away. It's a simple reminder of how you have become who you are right now. These are the moments that I thanked God I'm alive, that reminds me of a song entitled I Could Not Ask For More by  Edwin McCain. I may not have what I'm looking for right now but I know somehow I'll find my way. Life goes by so fast, in a split of seconds a glass can break into pieces, leaving you with broken bits that could hurt you if you're not careful. Sometimes you'll have to find a way on your own, it's hard to rely on others. You must trust yourself before you can learn to reach out.

They said the Sun sets only for 5 minutes, and each sunset is always unique from the other, it only proves that we must enjoy each day of lives here on earth.

How to get there: Cebu City-Malapascua Island

Terminal: North bus Terminal 
Ceres Bus bound for Maya via Bagay route
Non-air conditioned : 163 php
Travel time: 2-3 hours. 
Maya Port Boat fare: 80 php. If low tide the boat will not be able to dock along the seashore, you'll have to ride a small boat that will take you to the bigger boat. Transfer fare to a bigger boat fare: 20 php.

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