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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Great American Circus

The Great American Circus 

It's a once in a lifetime event that my family shouldn't missed and the first time I've heard about I've convinced all of them to say yes right away. They were pretty excited as well and that me watched this event with more anticipation.

Romantic aerial ballet 
Dramatic ballet moves done up in the air was splendid to see. They were graceful and mesmerizing to looked at. The strength they have to hold on and at the same time perform different moves makes me wonder how much time they go to the gym. They were fascinating and I can't get my eyes off them, they were dancing in the air and every move they make was breathtaking. 
Wheel of Death
The Valencia Brothers rides this 30 foot human-powered wheel by maneuvering the wheel through walking, standing and even blindfolded. At first I thought yeah, they will just look like human hamster but they've proved me wrong. These brother have great skills to actually control that wheel with consistency and grace.
An act originating around 1930, the Wheel has long been known as one of the most dangerous tests of synchronized acrobatic skill.

* My Favorite *

This performance has pumped up the blood in my system all throughout my body. The thrill of her being up there in the air doing those tricks was something unbelievable. I loved the look on her face, she seemed to be having the time of her life. I wanted to just sit beside her and to know how it feels to actually sort of, closer, to flying.


  1. nice diary... but y dont u travel to @maldives

  2. Thank you.I would definitely love to go to the island considered as one of the most beautiful place here on earth, i believe the beaches around there are gorgeous, maybe someday but I will really need lots of time to save up for that trip.


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