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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jurong Bird Park Flamingo lake,Scarlet Ibises and Marabou Storks

Jurong Bird Park
A home of different kinds of bird species, flapping their wings with tremendous grace and mixture of colors that will feast your eyes which blends with the righteous uniqueness and the simplest perfection.

Flamingo lake
They looked like bundled of pink curtains- not really? well I just see things differently then.They have gorgeous legs and necks and it was really funny because we were waiting for them to take on the heart -form shape which they are very popular with.

Pelican Cove
I had a great time as I watched these birds, they seemed hungry all the time. They searched for fish every time they have a chance and I'm amazed just how they swallow the fish that stayed in their throat pouch. Do you know why they fly in V-formation? that is to save energy and they can fly as high as 3000m or 46 times the height of the famous Statue of Liberty, that would be such a pretty sight I guess.

Scarlet Ibises

The color of these animals are beautiful, they remind me of birthdays, love and apples. They're pretty interesting, you don't see animals with such a great color with their size.

Marabou Storks scavengers from Africa. They remind me of Vultures, they look similar in some angles. They didn't move much, once in a while their heads moves an inch and that's it. 

Here's a fact about them : The Marabou Stork is a huge 1.5 metre tall bird with a 2.6 metre wing span. In fact, it is so large and heavy that its leg and toe bones are hollow to reduce weight during flight.

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