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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sumilon Island Beach, Cebu, Philippines

Sumilon Island Beach

How to get there

Cebu Terminal: South bus terminal 
Cebu-Oslob Ceres bus fare:130 php plus (air-conditioned)
Travel time: more or less 4 hours 

Sumilon Bluewater Resort Day Tour Package - 1500 php

(inclusive boat transfer)

I had some time to research and I discovered that Sumilon means "take refuge", well, it
definitely suits the Island. Sumilon's Chill out spot is a place where you'll want to hang-out and close your eyes, a you can see the ocean at a very splendid way.

A beautiful secluded island located at the southeastern tip of Cebu. A place away from Home, yet it still feels like Home. I've often wonder, if only everyday life feels like this, relaxing, refreshing, invigorating and all pretty -ing words out there. Life would be totally great, it would be like Heaven on Earth. When a leaf fell from the river, it doesn't try to hold on to a rock, it doesn't go against the river, instead it goes with the flow. 

Life would be easier that way, if we know we are not heading to a free fall. I never leave a place without doing my thing, I took out my camera and click click click all the way around. Sumilon is a fantastic place for me and I got to enjoy nature at its very best. I got to relaxed and free my soul from worries, it felt like I had a month off, it's worth every penny I spent. Everyone should feel this every time they go on vacation.

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