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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sumilon Island Hiking, Cebu Philippines

SummerLon Fun!
Sumilon Island Hiking

Sumilon Island holds a lot of beauty and exploring the island made me really excited. Good thing, it was included in our day tour package. We decided to have are  Hiking first to start the day , my feet was craving for a long walk, nature hiking never fails to amaze me. It was steaming hot and every leaf radiates its pure beauty. You have to be prepared with your hiking shoes, a powerful sun block, nipa rimmed hot and with a pair of shades. I wasn't armed with good shoes but I had my worn out slipper with me, my cheap sunglasses and that's it. Wait, and also a wooden stick, maybe you're wondering why. It was actually provided to serve as our weapon to fight of wild animals -just kidding; you use it to dance around like Charlie Chaplin when you see something weird crawling around -just kidding again. It will just actually serve as your buddy whom you can hold on to. 

How to get there
Cebu Terminal: South bus terminal 
Cebu-Oslob Ceres bus fare:130 php plus (air-conditioned)
Travel time: more or less 4 hours 

Sumilon Bluewater Resort Day Tour Package - 1500 php (inclusive boat transfer)

Every step of the way I can feel the sharp edges in my feet, it seemed like I was walking on barefoot but it doesn't really matter, especially when you're already on high ground and you'll see the vast of ocean surrounding you in this island. Along the way you'll see a Lighthouse where you can climb to get to the top and take some pictures with Fiona, you might even see Shrek hiding under the bed. For those who have fear of heights I guess this is your thing. Summer was just blazing hot and you can actually see how it affects nature. Maybe if you get lost in this kind of area somewhere else you might bump into little red riding hood. Along the way they have this cave which is not yet ready for exploring. Just a small area inside where you can take your picture. They still need to put some more lights to it. Maybe now it's more less entertaining to get inside there.

Walking around the island was totally mesmerizing, although it was really steaming hot, it didn't bother us at all. The site was purely enough to make you smile all the way. I've noticed shells and even starfish attached to a stone, like sooner or later they'll become one and no one would know. As what they said about islands before they surface above the water, they were a home to different kind of species. It's quite amazing if you would think about it, right at that moment you were on top of something that laid beneath at the ocean a long time ago.

It was just a short hike but it took longer because we always need to stop in different places to have are pictures taken. We were a bit worried because the group had to tolerate are loud noises and pleads to take are pictures. They were cool and I know they had more fun because of us, every joke we said they laughed too or they just did that out of respect. Along the way we spotted holes and insects. Enjoy hiking with tiny branches breaking down to pieces at each step like fire fragments during a bonfire. We stopped and talked awhile, took some  pictures almost at every corner of the Island.


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