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Friday, June 24, 2011

Chill out at Sumilon Island, Cebu Philippines

Sumilon Island Infinity Pool and Chill out spot

How to get there
Cebu Terminal: South bus terminal 
Cebu-Oslob Ceres bus fare:130 php plus (air-conditioned)
Travel time: more or less 4 hours 

Sumilon Bluewater Resort Day Tour Package - 1500 php
(inclusive boat transfer)

We still have the rest of the day to enjoy and we had are swimming session. They have their swimming pool place in spot where it seems like an infinite spectacular view -plus they have their very own bubbly jacuzzi, i had a great massage there. The Infinity pool is overlooking the vast body of water, an endless change of color from blue to aquamarine to blue green. The Jacuzzi was a very relaxing spot, the bubble massage and with the spectacular view, I thought to myself "This is Life!"

Don’t forget to drop by this area and take a swing of their fabulous hammock. As you swing feel the air, see the sky and let your soul unwind. We were exhausted due to the heat of the sun. It really doesn't matter we were having so much fun but we were hungry as a boar. We just need to refuel and get something to feed our babies inside. Well good thing our package also includes a Lunch Buffet. Yum yum yum yum! 

After eating all those fresh fruits I was just ready to take a nap, have my siesta time but the thrill keeps me alive. I was just tempted to do so because they have this place where you can just sit around and snore all you want.

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