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Monday, July 4, 2011

How to get there:Camotes Island Mangodlong Beach Resort, Cebu Philippines

Camotes Island 
Mangodlong Beach Resort
An island located at the northeast of Cebu that holds captivating beauty and serenity that will surely delight you.
How to get there:

Cebu Terminal: Port of Danao City (daily trips)
Ferry Ticket: 200-300 php
Travel Time: 2 hours

We stayed at Mangodlong Beach Resort located at the village of Mangodlong, Heminsulan, San Francisco. A part of the resort is still undergoing construction and their facilities needs a lot of improvement.

Waking around I saw a very good looking hut that sits beside a coconut tree. A mermaid sculpture that can only be seen during low tide, when the tide is high anything can happen, bizarre things can happen, it might come to life and swims around the area. Now you know so when you go swimming you won't mistake it for a big fish.

An interesting natural structure will be the first thing you see when you go to the beach side. It has a rope intended for you to climb and reach the top part but it's safer to go up during high tide so the water will help you pull yourself up. I'm not sure really if that's the right thing to do- just be careful.

The resort stands on 2 hectares of extensive coconut-shaded garden close to the beachfront. 

Across the resort and separated by a blue sea is a coral islet with tropical huts spread out, connected by a sand bar from the beach. The resort offers an ideal combination of intimacy and laid-back island atmosphere. It is a few minutes from the town and port of San Francisco and Poro. 


  1. For me Mangodlong should be our next Philippine vacation resorts destination.

    1. True! The resort holds such beauty and it's been so long since I've been there so for sure! it has more facilities now.

  2. this is interesting to begin summer 2013. my group is choosing a nearby white sand resort. we're thinking about camotes or cebu island hopping vs sipalay white sand resorts

    1. This resort has a wide stretched of white sand and a good spot if you like to play some beach games. Compare it to other resorts they offer more affordable prices.


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