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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to get there:Camotes Island Santiago Beach Bay, Cebu Philippines

Camotes Island 
Santiago Beach Bay
An island located at the northeast of Cebu that holds captivating beauty and serenity that will surely delight you.

How to get there:

Cebu Terminal: Port of Danao City (daily trips)
Ferry Ticket: 200-300 php
Travel Time: 2 hours

We stayed at Santiago Beach Bay which I highly recommend to everyone. Room rates starts around 1,000 php up to 5,000 php. They have good customer services and facilities. I personally love their infinity pool just around the corner and the billiard's hall overlooking the seaside. 

This context is nowhere related to Santiago Beach Resort but then here it goes. Ahahaa I've been going through some bad experiences and I want to let it out. We can't trust other people right away; you have to set some boundaries. Some people pretend not to know anything but they knew exactly what they're doing. I was totally blind and they've abused the kindness I've shown to them. I trusted one person to stand right beside me but it turned out I was wrong. Those eyes I love most are the very same eyes that hid behind the shadows when darkness swallowed the emptiness. Despite the troubles I've felt the island of Camotes has surely ease my soul, healed an open wound before it gets infected and all in all I've still enjoyed my trip.

Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, is a19-bedroom resort with 2.5 hectare of lush greenery that will surely captivate everyone's hearts. A few minutes from the town and the ports of San Francisco and Poro. They have a garden where you can walk around and watch the ocean dance it's way. The scenery is breathtaking the pristine white sand, the crystal blue waters and the scent of the place will relaxed all those tense muscles.

Santiago, San Francisco Camotes, Cebu City 
Phone 345-8599


  1. hello!
    may i ask how much is their rate?
    meron po kayang economy rate lang na accommodation?
    much thanks.

    1. Hi Juliet,

      The room rates is around 1,000 php- 5,000 php.

      Check out the link for more information

      Have fun in Camotes!

      Thanks for dropping by.


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