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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Singapore Merlion Statue

The Merlion Statue 
How to get there:
Alight at Raffles MRT stations and exit towards the United Overseas Bank (UOB), the statue is near the Fullerton Hotel.

The Merlion Statue is the symbol of Singapore, there seem to have five official statues around the city however, I've only got to see two of them: one shines in the daylight with waters splashing out from its mouth while the other one shines at moonlight in its purple radiance that you'll never missed when you passed by. The Merlion Statue in Merlion Park near the Singapore CBD is a well-known tourist icon of Singapore. The Merlion is a mythical crearture with the head of the lion and the body of a fish. The fish represents Singapore's origin as a Fishing Village on the otherhand the lion represents Singapore's original name 'Singapura' which means 'lion city' or 'kota singa.' 

When we arrived at the park there were group of men in rubber boats they seemed to be having a drill. I also took some interesting things like this guy cleaning the area and a Greek/Roman God on a wall. 
The astonishing purple Merlion Statue is located at the Sentosa Island Resort. This huge statue is such a head-turner, it's was really huge and bright at night. I was already running out of batteries, next time I should really packed some spare battery in my bag.
Water flows just below the statue that runs through a series of fountains in different kind of unusual animals. It's a great place to hang around and relax with family and friends. There is one more Merlion Statue found at Merlion Park while another one is located at the headquarters of the Singapore Tourism Board at 1 Orchard Spring Lane and the last one is at Mount Faber.

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