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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Singapore City Tour 2

First Fun-Time Abroad

Sentosa is a Funland for all ages. A place build for families,friends, for anyone who wants to chill out and have a relaxing weekend. A wide range of activities can be done in the beach and will surely pump up your energy.


The Songs of the Sea is an enchanted show of splashing water and vibrant colors.A mixture of colors, sago, gulaman (gelatin), langka (jack fruit), beans, cornflakes and ice -halo halo yum!
It has a story that tells about the importance of the environment. Kids will absolutely adore the characters while adults will be pleased to see how they maneuver each scenes with bursting water,lights and sounds. It's my first time to see such a spectacular scenery of lights and water bombarding to create such a delightful array of watercolors- it's like what i do when I blend in my watercolors to find a specific color.

For just a minute I was able to detached myself from reality and it felt great to be in another world. During the day I noticed a lot of building construction, surely it would be another tourist spot to look forward to. I'll make sure to go back when I have the chance and see Singapore's new attraction.

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