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Friday, July 8, 2011

Singapore City Tour 3

First Walk Abroad

My uncle said that he knew a park that we will surely love. We just walked a few blocks and we we're in Bukit Timah Park and Little Guilin Park. When you feel the need to get away from all the buildings you see there, come to this park, it will bring you back to your senses. Peace will ease your soul at Bukit Batok Town Park. I was able to talk to one of the residence just around the area and he was just enjoying himself fishing around.

We stayed at my uncles apartment, I've noticed that the only people who have houses here in Singapore are those who has more cash. It's ok they have facilities around the area which is for public use like a basketball area and a look alike playground where you can do some exercise- no need to visit the gym. 
The Singapore Cable car , in my research it was said to be the first aerial rope way system in the world to span a harbour.It was a great ride plus the glass floor of the cable car made it more adventurous, it even gave me the chance to took a picture of the soon to be casino in Singapore.

Koi Garden in Suntec City Mall is place where you can drop by if you feel the need to have a change of environment after a whole day of shopping. 

Clarke Quay is the spot for parties, fancy bars and entertainment. A place that looks good at day but looks even better at night. It was a pleasant night we strolled around the Riverbank and what made it more fantastic  was the Singapore Festival. 
We passed by the bridge and saw that a stage was set-up with performers getting ready to start the show. We had a good spot to watched the show. They were dancing up in the air and they have this Cleopatra Gothic look that made the show more interesting to watch.

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