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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Siberia Bar,Pepe's at Sorrento Plaza and MO2 Ice Bar and Restaurant Bacolod, Negros Occidental Philippines

Nightlife in Bacolod

Siberia Bar is one place i loved in Bacolod. It comes to Life after sunset- definitely made my night. A masquerade party made it more fabulously fantastic. They have the coolest remix of music and fortunately at that time they had a special guest, the Grupo Tribale. Mixed with great music their drumming produces a sound that keeps you dancing all night.

We we're tired but that didn't stopped us from having fun. We continued the night with a drinking session at Pepe's, located at Sorrento Plaza along Lacson Street, a few blocks away from L'fisher Hotel. A perfect place where people come to drink and chill out. We grabbed a taste of their refreshing Margarita,with just the right mixed.

Bacolod's MO2 Ice Bar and Restaurant located at Lacson St., Mandalagan, Bacolod City. We we're hoping to have a short game of billiards, unfortunately they we're already closed, but something interesting caught my eye. We sat at their restaurant to have a few drinks annipa fan attached on top that moves sideways to produce a smooth air that slightly lifts your hair. It was alright to have a cancelled game of pool, I got to see something cool that pleased my eyes. 

How to get there: Cebu-Bacolod by land travel

Cebu Terminal: North Bus Terminal 
Ceres buses: air-conditioned bus fare: 325 php, non-air conditioned bus:315 php , might as well take the air conditioned bus but you have to be early to catch it. We took the 4:30am Bus bound for Port Area in Toledo
Travel time: 2-3 hours travel time,it always depends on the stop overs or the weather. We arrived at the Port Area in Toledo around 6:30 in the morning.
Barge fare: 215 php, which includes the terminal fee. We rode the waves at 8:00am and got our feet on the ground at about 9:30am.
Barge Travel time: one and half hours sea travel. 
Bus fare going to other towns of Bacolod:35-40 php.

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