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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cebu Kawasan Falls, Philippines

Bamboo Raft

How to get there: 

South Bus Terminal
Bus fare: 75 php
Travel time: 2-3 hoursAnother option, you can have the V-hire at Citlink fare:150 php.

Kawasan has three waterfalls and the first one is the biggest and the popularly visited of them all. Hiked for another 10 minutes and you''ll reach the second falls and for the third falls, try to go there and tell me about it. 
The second time I was there I was with my cousins and a few of her friends from Manila.

We rented a raft that would take you near the tongue of the Fall's we paid 300 php for that. It was really scary just look at how strong it is. We had seen the rocks behind its curtain and markings made by people. There's a low ceiling part and it got pretty exciting when we were told to lie on a prone position. We were almost at the mouth of the Falls and we can already hear a louder roar of its water crashing. Still at prone position we crossed through it, from head to toe the splashing water works through our body and we had all kinds of massage -the ultimate full body massage 

Cottages/Table Rent cost around 100php where you can have your Lunch/Snacks. Remember to keep your trash with you or throw it the right place. We were done before sunset; it's wiser to walk where you can still see where you're stepping on and for those who wanted to catch-up with the Bus. If you're planning to stay overnight: Ordinary rooms: 900 php, Rooms with Ceiling fan: 1,500 php and Rooms with Air conditioned: 2,500 php. We got home safe and sound just always remember to watch over each other's shoulders and have a blast of fun.

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