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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunset at Bantayan Island Cebu, Philippines

The Island of Bantayan

Bantayan Island is said to be geographically standing in the center of Philippines. The island is considered one of the towns of Cebu and is located northwestern side of Cebu and in the northeastern part of Negros Occidental. 

During our trip I spotted this kids having fun at the newly built bridge. The pictures look different in many ways, watch how the children brought more life to the picture compared to the other one. The Mayor's Private Family Resort opened it's humble doors to us. I feel in love with the coconut trees lined up in the seashore. A family of dogs hangs around the area and the puppies looked like rats but they had pretty eyes.

How to get there: Cebu City-Bantayan Island

Terminal: Cebu North Bus Terminal
Ceres Bus fare air conditioned : 150 php Bus fare non-air conditioned: 132 php 
Travel time: 3-4 hours

At the Hagnaya Wharf you'll pay for the boat fare: 150 php and terminal fee: 10 php. 

I walked around the island for the last time and it was already Sunset, I saw this interesting thing again along the shore. I thought to myself What a wonderful world, I was laughing in my mind. It really sounds so corny but yet it's so true and I can see wonderful things unfold in my eyes. I'm thankful God gave me such a wonderful gift, my big brown eyes.

It was already our last day in the island but before I go hoe I had to take a picture of this certain restaurant where we always pass by, that I can't seem to get my eyes off, PALAHUBOG means alcoholic/ a drunkard person. This would be a very interesting place to hang-out if only it was still on business, maybe it opens up during peak seasons. It was time to go to Sta. Fe  port, , boat fare: 150 php and terminal fee: 5 php. At the Hagnaya Wharf there are many Ceres buses bound for Cebu, Bus fare: 132 php with a Travel time: 3-4 hours.


For more information pls. call at: 
Hagnaya Ticket Booth tel. no. 09222845892 (Greg) 09228759769 (Yaon) 

Cebu Office Nos. 09228024373 (An-an) - Landline 416-6883 
Bantayan Office Nos. 09224354167 Smart 09186616609 (Bebe)

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