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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge 1700 Heroes

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I heard about Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge from a friend of mine from Bacolod through facebook. Entitled, ”Kalinga sa Bayan”, this year’s Bayani Challenge will go beyond the traditional building of houses. There will be various activities, like island greening which includes coastal clean-ups, a school build, a farm build, health build up, and paraisong pambata, to bring out the heroism in each and everyone. 

This year’s challenge sends the statement and sets the example that Filipinos can build a nation by caring for their own hometown through acts of volunteer-ism and ‘bayanihan’ (working together). 

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I decided to join this challenge without any hesitation, together with a friend of mine we headed to Bantayan, but on the second day due to some personal reasons. I woke with a big bright smile on my face, the sun was like a pretty sunflower set-up up in the clear blue sky. My friend and I planned to meet up straight at Cebu North Bus Terminal. Ceres Bus fare air conditioned : 150 Bus fare non-air conditioned: 132 with a Travel time: 3-4 hours. 

At the port area you'll pay for the boat fare: 150 and terminal fee: 10.

We arrived at the port area at a very slow pace, the ferry was enjoying riding the waves but it was a good thing we had some more time to relax and get some sleep.

 Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge
1700 Heroes

We roam around the area where some of the volunteers are staying. The site was a real immersion, they were staying on tents, some inside classrooms and for some of us who were fortunate were able to rent a whole resort for their group.

I can't really say I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm glad we have a functional room, however on the other hand I felt like a cheater knowing some of the participants were living in tents and classroom - that's a real experience. I wanted and expected these kind of things however, it turned out differently from what I thought.

We came their to join a team of our friend however, almost all of them was not able to be there. She was placed in a group of young participants, from high school to 1st year college students. There was language barrier and that was a big problem, only two of us are from Cebu in the house but that wont stop us from doing what we came for.
This year year there are 1700 volunteers, an amazing number that made me realize that there are still people who are willing to do public service work without pay. A genuine heart can do a lot of things and I'm so glad there are still a thousands of them. Every night there's always an activity: either be a talk from a GK speaker or a live band. During my first night the GK Bayani theme song was taught to us and people sang and danced with glee.

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