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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boat Ride in Malapascua Cebu, Philippines

Malapascua's Anchor Man

Everyone was on board again and this time he headed to the Islets. Majority were tired and only few of us dared to take a deep. The wave was getting stronger, it was normal because the water keeps bouncing off from the Islets. 

I just had my anxiety moment earlier but that wont stop me from going down the boat again. This time it was really harder to swim around, the wave was that strong, so we only had a few minutes there to see the islets then headed to another area to go snorkeling.

How to get there: Cebu City-Malapascua Island

Terminal: North bus Terminal 
Ceres Bus bound for Maya via Bagay route
Non-air conditioned : 163 php
Travel time: 2-3 hours. 

Maya Port Boat fare: 80 php. If low tide the boat will not be able to dock along the seashore, you'll have to ride a small boat that will take you to the bigger boat. Transfer fare to a bigger boat fare: 20 php. 

Island hopping worth 200 php was slashed down to 100 php due to our friendly smiles, with snorkeling apparatus.

We have seen the southern and northern part of the Island, a tiny island that holds such captivating beauty. If only we had the money to go scuba diving, we were not armed with cash because it was an unexpected trip. My cousin from Manila came to Cebu to speak for a Youth Congress, and we decided to give her a little taste of the grandeur of Cebu.

Our anchor man was brave enough to face the rays of the sun, there was one time the anchor got stuck, he had to swim to get it back on place. Obviously it was really deep and he managed to get the anchor really fast, the water was clear that we saw him do his thing- he's such a good swimmer. It reminds me again of the movie '' Waterworld '' starring Kevin Costner. He headed back to shore, washed up and roam around the island to find the right spot to fill-up our tummies.

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