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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boracay Finale, Philippines

Final Brisk Walking in Boracay

Today is Walking Day for me in the Island of Boracay. In this way you can really appreciate the beauty of the so-called paradise of Philippines. I´m certainly entertained with the people I see along the beach. How they sat with a fruit shake in hand and a book to their chest while dozing of to dreamland. Children and child-minded adults played with the sand and seeing the small grin in their faces was totally contagious.

I can´t help but do a Sand Writing,  the sand is so captivating that you just want to grab a stick and write something.People all around the beach are amazed of how fine and white the sand is, it's very tempting to just sit around and make some sand art. 

Ferry to the Island of Boracay

Boracay is simply a great place to visit and I strongly believe that this should be on people's number one list to visit in the Philippines. I hope the cleanliness of the island will be maintained, to treasure such a marvelous creation of God should be a law of humanity. However my stay in Boracay won't last forever and after a last dip in the pool, a long walk along the beach we headed straight to the terminal, which is just a few blocks away from La Carmela de Boracay. We took the a tricycle and made our way to the ticket booth. We have to pay again for the terminal fee: 50 php and boat fare: 30 php -additional 5 php for fast craft shipping lines. If only we knew that it only has a 5 php difference we should have taken the fast craft going to the island, still a refreshing boat ride splash was a splendid way going to the island. 

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