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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Food Fiesta Boracay, Philippines

               Favorite Time in Bora!

Expect seafood's all over the place, I was drooling to see those fresh lobsters, giant prawns smiling at me , casting a smell saying eat me! eat me! The time I've been waiting for was over and we decided to give it a try, something that you really try when you go to Boracay. The weather was great, the ocean was calm and the smell of the place was grilled seafood's, it was a perfect time to eat.

seafood dinner always makes my day special despite the fact I'm allergic to seafood's, since birth, but I don't really worry too much I have my medicine with me. We ate Lobsters, tiger prawns and red stripes. Big sized seafood's sure did fuel up my big appetite for food. We had the fish grilled while the  lobsters and prawns cooked with garlic and butter. I had a great big smile after a fully loaded stomach that night. For our meal it cost around 4500 php - wow Nosebleed! but it was worth the try. I was really intensely serious with my appetite that I forgot to take some pictures of our food, good thing my cousin took some shots using my camera. After a great meal we spotted a relaxing place where we had the chance to chill out in a very cozy hammock-like chair.  

At night we're still on a hunt for great foods here in the island and we've found TRIBAZ French Crepes.

Check out our Dinner Buffet at La Carmela de Boracay
Crepes in the island of Boracay

My friend's cousin had tried to work here in Boracay so she knew a lot places where we can hangout. TRIBAZ French Crepes located at Station 2. It is the first place that pop ups in her mind, a place where you can grab the best crepes in the island. It was a great treat for my sugar craving that has been halt due to my cough. We ordered the best seller they have in the menu and it was a lovely midnight snack. They looked bigger and yummier placed on a plate rather than being wrap in a paper. It was worth the try and I even wanted to have it again the next day.

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