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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boracay's Henna Tattoo and Shopping Spots , Philippines

Boracay's Henna Tattoo

First thing on my list was to get a Henna tattooYou can find tattoo artists all over White Beach. There are tattoo studios in Talipapa Market and other places around the island,just look around there's always a henna or tattoo artist lurking around. We had a dry martini drink while we we´re having our henna tattoo painted on our bodies. We did a lot of 'hangyo haseyo' (begging to lower the price) and we got a price of 70 php for my tribal butterfly henna tattoo at my lower back, which usually cost around 150 php for others. Henna tattoo artist are scattered all around the island you don't need to look for them. While mixing the paint my sister and her two friends noticed this guy. It was the younger brother of their highschool friend during highschool. He recognized them instantly and painted them small sized henna tattoos for free and giving us a discount as well.

Second thing on my list was Shopping..

D' talipapa and D' Mall
Shopping in Boracay

It was time to search for some souvenirs and I knew the perfect spot to shop cheaper items and that would be at    D' talipapa Market located at station 2. They're open from 8am till 10pm. You can ask for discounts for a variety of products. Just try to be more fun and friendly when talking to the vendors and surely you'll have a great deal with your items. There's also another place for you to shop that would be at D' Mall,they're more fancy and expensive and it is still located at station 2.

I've always been a great fan of hanging lamps, the tropical feeling of having to see it everyday inside your house. D'TALIPAPA is where I found this cute lamps, it's simply made of floral cloth wrap around the body of a structured wood box. I'm planning to have it lighted when I get back home and I'm sure it will be a great reminder of my trip. 

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