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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jonah's Fruit Shake and Juice Bar in Boracay, Philippines

Refreshing Fruit Shakes  

I always loved a simple walk along the beach, a very simple way to  chat around and smell the ocean. We've done it for almost half of the day and I've never been so at ease. After a long walk along the seashore we headed to Jonah's fruit shake and Snack Bar located at Station 1, we experience such a refreshing break. We ordered Banana Chocolate Vanilla, Banana Chocolate Peanut, Melon mango, Mocha, Vanilla at a very affordable prices. Fruit Shakes are priced at an average of 90 php per serving. What makes this an interesting place is that they use water bottles for their shakes, they just create a hole on top of the cover for your straw to put in. I like the thought that they support recycling these bottles which can help lessen the plastics in Boracay.
When the Sun goes down fruit shakes in Boracay are added with a little twist.

Juice Bar in the Island of Boracay

I enjoy the night at Juice Bar located at Station2, especially when we we're given a free shot of vodka when we arrived and that would be because my friend knew someone from the bar. Nothing beats a free drink at the coolest place in the island of the Philippines. We also got to taste their Shisha wherein you need to inhale a certain tube for you to taste the flavor, it seemed like your smoking but with a giant thing. Visit Summer Place for some real action and partying in the island.

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