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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sunset in Malapascua Cebu, Philippines

Nostalgic Sunset 

I've always wanted to have my very own DSLR Camera, to be able to capture more detailed images. I realized that I'm very much contended with digital camera. It's handy and less expensive compared to DSLR Cameras, and there's no chance I'll get addicted to buying skyscraper amounts for a lens that super cool. Right now I'm totally happy with my digital camera It's been with me like with every destinations and gimmiks I've been to. My best friend and ultimate buddy that speaks every part of my soul through the shots I've taken. Just look at what the sunset has done to me, now I'm getting intimate with my camera- it's hilarious.

After waiting for the sun to set comfortably in the west, we noticed a woman with a big basin. We saw two different kinds of sea urchins piling up. The woman told me her family is going to eat it for dinner. I've tried eating these kind of stuff, my cousin also did the same thing,we cracked it open and ate the yellowish part inside, it's even better when you dipped it in vinegar. I've always been a fond of exotic foods. I don't mind trying out new things. It's what makes every trip really interesting.

We were having our own talk, sitting and playing with the sand. When I suddenly had butt-cramps ,as what spongebob says in one of his episodes. I stood up walked around and started to jog. Running barefoot was fabulous however, maybe I'm just that heavy, I tend to sink in every step I make. It was getting late and everybody was drained and ready to hit the sack. I've slept comfortably that night , thought to myself that this is a great vacation of pure fun and relaxation.

How to get there: Cebu City-Malapascua Island

Terminal: North bus Terminal 
Ceres Bus bound for Maya via Bagay route
Non-air conditioned : 163 php
Travel time: 2-3 hours
Maya Port Boat fare: 80 php. If low tide the boat will not be able to dock along the seashore, you'll have to ride a small boat that will take you to the bigger boat. Transfer fare to a bigger boat fare: 20 php.

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