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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parasailing in Boracay , Philippines

Sail Away above the Waters of Boracay

We met a package dealer, who coincidentally was a brother of my sister's friend and was so generous enough that he gave us a huge discount, again , when we've decided to try Parasailing. We stayed up in the air for 15 mins. You can talked to each other up in there, have coffee,read the magazine -it wasn't really the excitement I was expecting .  It would have been much more fun if the wind was stronger- but wait I was wrong the fun doesn't end up there. Earlier we told the crew that we wanted them to take us down the water if they had the chance to do it. - Of course! our wish was their command. I had so much fun when my feet touched the water, i can't seem to find the right words to express it. We were howling and laughing. 

After a mind-blowing parasailing a mellow walk on the beach was all I need.

Art of Walking - Discover New Things 

When you´re in Boracay you will learn the art of walking and it was great because I´m a big fan of walking long distances. I enjoyed every step I take, the sand doesn't tickles my feet which so fine like a milk powder. While walking around the island you will see different kinds of interesting things. We found this guy bringing something along with him, something familiar to me. They have their own version of tamilok in Boracay which can be dig out from holes found in the sand, which is quite different from the mollusk that can be found in mangroves in Palawan. They looked the same to me, really the same.

We bumped into a beach wedding ceremony and the bride and groom was holding each other like bubble gum, everyone looked so happy and makes me wonder how my wedding will be.

This is such an interesting way to wash your hand and it really caught me by surprised, I forgot where this comfort room is located.  We were strolling around looking for a place to hang out and I passed by that caught my eye. They have a sign that says barefooted? wear a foot bikini, that is something different. I never knew they have these kind of items here. There are sure a lot of new exciting things here in Boracay. It's an interesting way of walking around in the island in that style you will look great from head to toe.

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