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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Boracay Sunset , Philippines

Boracay's Sunset is one of the few things that you shouldn't miss when you're in the summer paradise of Philippines. 

We wanted to see every detail when the sun goes down in the horizon, so leave La Carmela de Boracayearly to head down to station 1. Our hotel was located in the center, station 2 where the balance between shopping, party and good food can be found. 

Our desired place to see the sunset was in Station 1, where the statue of Mother Mary sits on top of a rock. We also stop by to get some drinks in  Jonah's Fruit Shake while for the sunset. I've always been bewitched of sunsets. I have it in my vacation checklist to see the sunset in every place I travel to. 

I patiently sat on the sand as I gently scrubbed my feet against the white sand. The moment the sky paints its exquisite masterpiece  I gaze in awe. And I said to myself "What a Wonderful World" cliche as it may sound yet it always gets me, all the time. While I was siting down along with my cousin and a freshly made fruit shake the sunset looked more beautiful. The idea that a religious figure stands on that rock created a breathtaking image of the sky. A symbol that creates a safety cushion in everyone's heart who travels to the island of Boracay. This kind of moments were everything seem so calm and right. I'm not that religious but these are the days when I truly believe that there's an omniscient almighty watching all over us, who made the unthinkable thing happens and all things splendid. 

The sunset was fading and we still feel like hanging around in Station 1. We've always wonder where does the island end, so we decided to walk as much as we can until we reached a dead end. We spotted a big boulder and an opening in side was visible where only a human person can go through it. At the other side of the boulder we found this isolated hotel, glittering in the night. It's was surely a private property where the guest here wants exclusive access to the beach all to themselves. I don't even want to know how much they pay for the room per night. Some people are just paying way too much money without knowing that the real fun is actually on the other side of the bench. It was already a dead end so we got back to our feet and off to our seafood dinner buffet.

Sunset always remind me of a beautiful  day. It's a great way to end the day and welcome the night feeling great and contented.  A simple reminder to enjoy the rest of the night with whatever plans you have in mind. 

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