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Friday, November 25, 2011

Nightlife in Boracay Island , Philippines

Nightlife in Boracay
Chill out place during the Day and a Party haven at Night

These are some cool places here in Boracay that you should try checking out: Cocomangas Shooter Bar  located at Station 1 along the White Sand shore of Boracay which transform into a party haven at night. They're popular with their drinks which they creatively gave unusual names.Along the way stop by and drink some beers at Guilly's Island which is also located at Station 1 near D'Mall.

Hot Club in the Island of Boracay

Different kind of entertainment are showcase in the island, but you should never let your guard down when your having fun at night. Party with your buddies cautiously , choose a place that is along the main road and drink moderately. It will be more fun partying safely than getting in trouble and spoiling your night. Nothing beats a good night sleep, I would never let myself get drunk and wake up feeling miserable. It feels more easier when you know what you did last night or early in morning. Party right and Party left. But things just can go haywire when you're out there with crazy people, so party on and may the odds be ever in your favor.

A cool place to be when the sun sets in Boracay is located right along the White Beach near Station 2, the place called Summer Place Bar and Restaurant . Groove all night at the exhilarating sound of music,where people come to dance their hearts out and get wild with the beat of music. Visit Juice Bar for a relaxing shisha by the beach.
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