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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Batam, Indonesia

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Batam, Indonesia

How to get there: Singapore to Batam

Ferry Tickets from HarbourFront to Batam Centre - HarbourFront is S$16/person, with Singapore seaport tax S$20/person and Batam seaport tax S$7/person. Total fare: S$43/person. Travel time: 45mins. away from the Island. Don't forget to Check Fare Updates.

Before the day ended ,we can't go home empty handed,so we headed to the nearest mall and bought some keychains.  It's located at the center of Nagoya town and near Nagoya Plaza HotelWe were like instant millionaire's there,if you have with you more than 200 SGD,you'll have 2 million rupiahs, for 1 SGD = 6950 Rupiahs, please refer to current exchange rates for accurate ratio. The zeroes were too much that it made our heads hurt. We were laughing because if you think about it,if we're actually in the Philippines we're freakin' rich man!

The items sold in the Mall are really not that expensive, it's really not a fancy mall they have like souvenir items, a grocery store and a few boutique selling shoes and bags. I wasn't planning to buy many stuffs so I've just changed 10 SGD, which is equivalent to 69,500 rupiahs. I've only purchased keychains 1 key chain was about 10,000 rupiahs. My friends were roaming around the mall looking for t-shirts  well as for me I was busy looking for something my mum can put on her display cabinet. 

(They're all expensive like 70,000 and I remember this shop just near the ticket booth bound for Indoneisa in Vivo City at Singapore,that was like 3 for 10 SGD only. Might as well buy there,I actually did but I wasn't thinking or let's say I wasn't looking properly,the display I bought was really exotic but then it resembles more of Africa than Indonesia. I hope my mum won't noticed it.)

I stayed in the souvenir booth longer while my friends hunt for their stuffs.I watched these guy put our names at the back of the keychains ,it's actually for free as long as you buy one keychain/fridge magnet. It was almost time to go and as a token of appreciation for chatting around they gave me this T-shirt fridge magnet for free. Something to remember about them and my trip in Batam Indonesia. 

I'm still craving more of Indonesia but next time I want to go swimming in the beach or do some water sports.

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