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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Singapore to Bintan, Indonesia

Singapore to Bintan

We were lucky to check at the right time, we spotted a 2d1n trip to Bintan posted with all these awesome activities included. We immediately purchased the deal and booked are tickets.

We took the earliest flight bound for the island. I decided to sleep over at my friends house so in the morning we can go together, at her place is much closer to the terminal. Unfortunately, something unexpected happened as what they always say "There's Always a First Time for Everything." The ferry left without us! My friends just laughed and I was a bit pissed off. I guess I can't accept the fact we're late and we have to buy another ticket for the next ferry, worrying at the same time if we'll be able to do all the activities.

It was are fault we were too relax about the time and eventually my mood had shifted to happy mode when I have fully absorbed the situation. I was being ridiculous I think I'm getting old and grumpy or maybe I'm adapting to Singapore's mood swings. I'm glad I had a few days away from the country, that took me back on my feet and all my unreasonable temper disappeared.

From Singapore's Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal we took the Bintan Ferries Resort and traveled the sea for 1 hour and 45 mins. to the Bintan Island. It is a must to be there 1 hour and a half before the departure time to avoid the same incident like ours. We will be just staying for sure inside the resort but in case we need cash it's better to prepared, good thing inside the ferry there's a money changer. 1 SGD=7,885.54 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

It was a relaxing ride knowing I'll be able to see a white beach sand again was exhilarating. Our package has a two-way transfer from the ferry terminal resort transfer which made our trip hassle free.

Nirwana Gardens Resort is located at Jalan Panglima Pantar, Lagoi 29155, Bintan Resorts, Indonesia. Travel Package was brought at .  However they have different offers each time you visit their site, just keep posted for your dream travel destination and book right away before the offer runs out. Enjoy!

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