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Friday, February 8, 2013

ATi TRiBE Loboc River Bohol, Philippines

The ATi TRiBE of Loboc River

How to get there: Cebu to Tagbilaran City, Bohol via land travel

Cebu Port: Pier 4 ,a jeepney ride or taxi will take you there and a few minutes away from SM Cebu City.
Ferry ticket: 800-1,000 php
Terminal Fee: 25 php
Travel time: 1.5-2 hours

The Floating Restaurant is located at the municipality of Loay/ Loboc and a short distance at Tagbilaran City. The tour offers a relaxing cruise along the river, a gateway with tall mangroves, a buffet and a visit to the Ati Tribe.

The settlers welcomed us with smiles and cheers. Its funny how they have this sign posted in front to remind people that tips or donations is much appreciated but you'll feel it's required once you're there. As we walked along we're surprised to see a girl holding a small reptile, an iguana by her arm. The mouth was taped to avoid any harm obviously but to see this kid with the animal was beautiful. We came by this little girl's side and took some shots, she wore this lovely smile and during the shot she just snapped out of it and pound her can hanged on the tree. She clearly stated "tip! Tip! Tip!” we burst out laughing and it never stopped up until we leave Bohol. The little girl simply made our trip such a wonderful experience every place we go we always have this word of the day. There are costumes you can try on and weapons to adore your outfit for pictorial purposes.

I saw this guy holding on to a rope, when he saw me with my camera we suddenly do the Tarzan swinging and landed with big splashes in the water. He was wild and free; I just hope nothing gigantic and monstrous lurks beneath the waters of Loboc River. I'm so glad I was the last one to step back on the floating restaurant because I was able to take a picture of this tribe man. It was a smooth ride sailing the Loboc River of Bohol, Philippines.

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