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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bohol Itinerary, Philippines

Bohol Vacation Checklist

Bohol is one of the provinces in the Philippines, located in the Central Visayas region. All the tourist site are accessible by tricycle/jeepney and van. Hiring a van for a one day city tour is a smart choice; if you consider the time and travel going to different places you can save an ample of time to get these places.

Advantages: Hired Van
-Time Management for travelers who has a few days stay.
-A number one choice for groups and partners who likes a hassle free city tour.
-Slight difference in expenses but worth the saved time and security as well.
-All tourist spots will be visited as long as you're not too obsess with taking too much pictures.
- I recommend for your first day, for pick-up transfer from the ferry terminal or from the airport and to familiarize the place before going on your own tour the next day.

Going Commando Advantage: (on your own)
- Great for Solo travelers or just Backpacking in Bohol.
- It wouldn't be fun if you don't get lost. To avoid such read blogs ahead of time and research for possible route and fares.
-Time consuming yet you'll never know what's in store for you. Great for people who has a sense of Adventure and keep the positive vibe all day long.
- Meet different kinds of people along the way and definitely you're bidding skills will be put to the test.
-Choose what you like to visit, bear in mind that time management is important to meet your checklist and number one thing let loose you're on a vacation! Smile, laugh and enjoy every step of the way.

We had the hired van as we're traveling in a group and just visiting Bohol for a short time.
Rate: 2,500 php for 5 people. We shouldered all the Entrance Fee for the tour.

Bohol Tourist Spots: Entrance Fee:
Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Entrance Fee: 50 php
Man-Made Forest, Bilar, Entrance Fee: Free
Tarsier Encounter, Entrance Fee: 50 php
Butterfly Conservation Center, Entrance Fee: 50 php
River Cruise w/ Buffet Lunch and Harana, Entrance Fee: 50 + 350 (buffet)= 400 php
- Ati Tribe Entrance Fee: Free, but they'll appreciate tips/donations
Baclayon Church & Museum, Baclayon, Entrance Fee: 25 php (for museum)
Blood Compact Site, Tagbilaran City, Entrance Fee: Free
• Python Sanctuary, Albur, Entrance Fee: 10 php
• Hanging Brige
• Sagbyan Peak

Pension House rate for overnight stay at Tagbilaran City:
900 php per night, plus additional 300 for extra person with mattress.

Second Day
We only had our city tour with a hired van for a day, the next day we we're on our own.
-At night we went to Panglao Island

Third Day
Panglao Island -Dumaluan Beach Resort

Chill all day long in the beach

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