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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate Hills, Bohol Philippines

Mouth-Watering Chocolate Hills

How to get there: Cebu to Tagbilaran City, Bohol via land travel
Cebu Port: Pier 4 ,a jeepney ride or taxi will take you there and a few minutes away from SM Cebu City.

Ferry ticket: 800-1,000 php
Terminal Fee: 25 php
Travel time: 1.5-2 hours

There are around 1,268 perfectly shaped chocolate hills in Bohol. These can be viewed better at Carmen, which is at the center of Bohol Philippines.

Entrance Fee: 50 php

Be sure to count your steps up until you reached the last step and make a wish, a lot of people do this for fun. It's was quite tiring good thing I have my close friend with me and we counted taking each turn by 10th's. Our tour guide Kuya Eric was knowledgeable to share with us about the mysterious hills. There is this legend that talks about how it was formed, he narrated to us about the tale where giant feel in love with a woman from a certain village. He kidnapped the girl and accidentally killed her, his cried hard and when his tears dried to formed the Chocolate Hills.

During my high school days I also remember a story but a bit different from what he told us. This time it was about two giants who were fighting, just like the famous snow ball fighting but instead they used soil. The formed big chunks of earth and thrown at each other. After their fights they became friends again however forgotten to clean up their messed thus the Chocolate Hills were made. 

Scientifically Kuya Eric said it was shaped a long time ago with corals. That is why when you walked around the chocolate hills you will notice shells, corals and even starfish when you're lucky, they're mixed with earth and grass which makes it unnoticeable. The hills are made of corals and the earth’s natural ways made it beautifully bulge enormously. TaDa! The perfect shaped chocolate hills right in the heart of Bohol. Kuya Eric said the hills are acidic because of the coral formation that is why a certain grass is the only green life that is able to grow in it. It's also one of things they can distinguished the real chocolate hills from the hills. These kind of grass can only survived rainy seasons so during summer they withered and the chocolate hills looked like its famous mouth-watering name.

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