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Friday, March 29, 2013

Kawasan Waterfalls from Osmeña Peak, Cebu Philippines

5 hours trek down to Kawasan Falls

We just stayed overnight in Osmeña Peak and it was the worst yet the best sleepless night I had. The following morning we headed down to Kawasan Falls  for an incredible muscle twitching experience.

The day started splendid it was like walking in New Zealand, with a wide area of greens, mountains and the sizzling hit of the sun reminded me of the Lord of the Rings movie. I imagined accidentally stepping on Frudo or Sam along the way. 

Clovers made me think of my boss when I was still working as an agent. I have this earring placed on the top part of my ear, it's in a shape of a clover, he would always slightly touch it and said today would be a great night or you're a lucky person tonight. Clovers with four petals means good luck because it is rare to find these specific counting. We passed by a few of these plants and it is definitely true, all the clovers have five-six petals and the lucky one is nowhere to find. I'm starting to miss that earring; I've lost it during a trip I forgot where and when it happened. I might buy a clover earring soon this time it will remind me of my unforgettable Osmeña Peak trekking.

The pink house was a great sight it meant food and shelter for us. Light meal is recommended for the trekking down to Kawasan Falls. We bought bread, pair it up with our century tuna and corned beef, canned goods we've planned to cook for our breakfast. Coke, Sprite or Energy Drinks are available; you need glucose to pump start your nerves for the trek. Next stop over was a clean comfort room, our expert mountaineering friend known’s these place like the back of his hand, and it's better to unload all these waste before we hit the road. While waiting for the guys to finished up we lined up our bags for fun. 

Walking in the middle of nowhere was pretty exciting and dangerous. It's hard to call for back-up knowing there’s no cell phone signal and the civilization in the area is out of sight. Pray for safety, think positive and enjoy every step of the way. We passed by cemented and rocky roads, plains, growing vegetation's small rock mountain formations and cliffs. Along the way you will see some source of water from what looks like a cemented bath tub. We filled up our bottles and continued trekking down.

I considered the rain forest the hardest and dangerous part of the trek, the land was soft and slippery it’s obvious that sunlight can get through this part of the mountain. Considering the fact that anytime you slip means falling down who knows where and what's inshore for you, definitely not a good insight when you're hiking down.

Osmeña Peak to Badian Kawasan Falls: 4-5 hours, depends on your pace, we've done it for 4 hours with lesser breaks and hunger-drive. We we're in a hurry to get to Kawasan Falls at lunch time so taking a few shots out of my pocket was time consuming especially when you're trying to pull yourself together where gravity tries to drag you down. Nobody in the group was able to take some photos too, when you're trekking you focus on what you're stepping and holding on along the way. 

Sometimes we're focusing more as not to fall down, which is normal and due that we tend to forget to look around and see the beauty of nature. Once in awhile I've snapped out safety mode and try to smell the air, fell the breeze that glides your skin and feast your eyes with the wonders of nature unfolding in front of you. It's amazing how the light travels in the holes above the trees; it glistens with the dust in the air and the serene relationship of the forest with the wind.
Tips: Obey your thirst! However it does not mean drinking like there's no tomorrow, take a few sips and off you go again. Double time with less carelessness and stop over’s.

My technique: Breath through your stomach and not through your chest. When you're out of breath, inhale through your nose and exhale in your mouth. Do it slowly and when you're good to go, breathe normally again in your stomach. I don't know if it works for everyone Or might as well hold the gang for a few minutes rest, sometimes it takes one person to say stop before the others realize they needed it as well. 

When we heard the rushed of the water our system fully jump-starts and we smiled from ear to ear. The triumphant feeling is indescribable. The falls was clear as jade, the water felt cool like ice; imagine how the mountains made me a poet in such a short span. As what I've read climbers are romantic poets because they have experience and bind a love with the spirits of nature, which brings out the unusual understanding of things. Anyways we were starving like lions so making our way pass the bridge was piece a cake. Usually climbers make it up to 5 hours trek to get to Kawasan Falls, yet we made it for 4 hours. More smiles! We had lunch and splashed our way in the waterfalls, try the feel-like-Jacuzzi above the waterfalls it will soothe your back and untwist those tangled muscles. We headed down Kawasan Falls before night falls ahead of us, which was delightful due to the other beautiful waterfalls we passed by.
Estimated time going down Waterfalls-Road: 30-45 minutes. Badian to Cebu Ceres Bus (air-conditioned): 133 php.

Overall experiences, it was an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and joy for making it up and down the challenging mountains of Cebu. I also ruined my favorite shoes good thing my friend brought along some masking tape from the hospital, so thank you nurse! They don't just take good care when you're sick they can even cure shoe problems.

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If you need a guide contact my friend Dudez at +63 9226038329. Be sure to mention you've found his number in this blog. Have fun and be Safe! ^__^

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