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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bangkok City tour and Food Bonanza, Thailand

One Food at a Time!

We woke up early to get ready for our city tour and knowing I'm in a different country again totally lifted up my spirit of being a traveler. It immediately spiced up my morning smile. We decided  not waste to our time sleeping and besides it's better to avoid the traffic and with less people in the streets I can maneuver my way to find the best street food in town.

To start the day right we had our breakfast while walking in the streets of Pratunam AreaYou'll never get hungry in the pavement of Bangkok City, there are plenty of street foods to choose from.

Pork Barbecue (wide): 10 baht
Freshly Squeeze Pomegranate Drink: 40 baht
The sizzling hot sun was dehydrating every fiber of our being so better drop by at COCO, a famous milk tea outlet in Bangkok. We ordered the famous Tropical Fruits: 50 baht and Blueberry with Coconut Jelly: 55 baht.

If you're a fan of dragon ball z then definitely you'll noticed right away guys in orange robes that walks barefoot along the streets of Bangkok. These Monks roam around the market for a free shopping spree. They're highly respected and given goods when they passed by vendors, in return they are given a small prayer which the people of Thailand believes as a blessing.

We wanted some french fries so we headed to McDonald's for some snacks, I've noticed people with their head bowed down and holding some incense, they were praying to their God. Bangkok has a majority of Buddhist worshipers  an altar in the streets or beside any infrastructure is considered normal. Pay your respect as if it is your own religion.

We took a metered taxi from Pratunam Market to Grand Palace. When you're a tourist in another country it's better to be alert and keep your head in the zone. While waiting for our ride one taxi said he will take us there for 150 baht, we avoided taxi's who provide prices, eventually we found out it actually just cost around 50 baht for a metered taxi. People will take advantage of your ignorance, it happens all the time so just don't go too much walking in the clouds because you're on vacation. We passed by abandon buildings with street art giving life to its lifeless structure. I guess all establishments none functional are to be painted. 

Grand Palace Entrance Fee: 500 baht

They considered temples as sacred entity, so show some respect and avoid revealing clothes, cover those arms and legs. It actually pays off with that kind of dress code because it will protect your skin from the heat of the sun. The temples had intricate designs in a wide variety of colors, having seen all those enormous, golden artifacts powered up my passion for travelling. These are the reasons why I love to travel, to be able to see new wonders fills up my bucket list with endless anticipation. Click here to know more: Temple Run

After we had an exhausting mind-blowing temple run we just have to take a break. We treat ourselves with a Chocolate Drink for only 45 baht. They sell this refreshing drink before you head out of grand palace complex. The fun never stops! So after we had our temple run completed we headed to Terminal 21 for another amazing experience.

Grand Palace to Terminal 21 Mall with Metered Taxi: 95 baht

Terminal 21 is one of the famous attractions here in Bangkok. It was just constructed two years ago and now it's gaining a massive appraisal from people around the globe with its unique theme which can be seen in every level of the mall. I've managed to go to six countries in minutes! It only happens at Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand.

My food trip also included eating in established restaurants aside from street foods. We ate lunch at Sansab located at Terminal 21. Food Ranges from 100-200 baht. We did not spend that much just about 500 baht for our meal.

Snack time in Terminal 21
Daddy Donuts 1 doughnut: 26 baht paired with Dairy Queen 1 regular cup: 35 baht

We also checked out Pantip Market located Petchaburi Road and opposite of Pratunam's City Complex, famous for selling cheap electronic goods. We bought a pocket Mp3 player for my brother that turns out to be just a junk for my brother, I use it now for my routine jogging and I only paid 450 baht for it.

I was getting hungry as we walk along Pratunam area. We were lucky to have a cheap Tuk Tuk ride from Pratunam Market to Central World for only 50 baht. Usually they charge around 100 baht or more for tourist. I guess it's better to ride this vehicle at night when they're tired and much easy to please. The Food Bazaar near Pratunam's High-end shopping center, the Central World Mall was mouth-watering. The food stalls along the streets were packed with people craving for a delicious dinner. 

We ordered the famous Papaya Salad: 40 baht
Fish covered with Salt: 150 baht
Sticky Rice: 10 baht
Mineral Water: 20 baht

We bought sticky rice for 10 baht that we planned to pair up with our lechon, roasted pork we bought from Cebu, Philippines for my cousin; it was a prefect match for our breakfast the next morning.

I've realized that every time I travel I always have this big appetite and an endless craving to try everything I see around me. When you're in another country its best you expose yourself with the people, their traditions, speak some of their dialect and eat local foods. In this way I was able to immerse myself to Bangkok's busy yet calm lifestyle.

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