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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Terminal 21 Mall, Bangkok Thailand

Terminal 21 Mall

Terminal 21 Mall is located at Watthana district between Sukhumvit and Asok intersection. Every level of the mall has a specific country theme and what makes it more amazing is the designs they have incorporated in the comfort rooms- which is one of my bizzare hobby collecting different kinds of comfort room signs and artistic designs. Check out : Peepoosigns for more unique restroom, powder room, bathroom, latrine, powder room, toilet room, washroom, water closet, W.C., public lavatory etc. 

Lower Ground Floor
Concept: Caribbean

A relaxing and cool beach theme with a lighthouse and benches you can hang around. It is a wonderland for beach lovers and laid back people who wants a new environment that feels like you're away from the city, despite you're actually in the city.

Outlets: Supermarket, restaurants, banks, bookshops and convenient shops.

Ground Floor - Rome
Concept: Heaven of Rome

The sculptures and painting will bring you to the rich artistic side of Rome.

Outlets: luxury brands and boutiques

Main / Upper Ground Floor - Paris
Concept: Paris ( Champs-Élysées Boulevard and Parisian Boutiques Streets)

See the mesmerizing mini Eiffel Tower and the romantic ambiance of Paris.

Outlets: Thai designer's boutiques and beauty shops.

1st Floor - Tokyo
Concept: Tokyo ( Nakamise-Dōri Market and Harajuku Town )

Meet the famous Sumo wrestlers as they battle for strength as they flaunt their sexy back's, as you walk along you'll find Torii and Maneki Neko in the corner.

Outlets: ladies' boutiques.

2nd Floor - London
Concept: London's Oxford Street

Walk in the hallway with red telephone booths and passed by double-decker buses.

Outlets: men's wears, jeans and sporting goods.

I can't seem to find any pictures in my album at this level.

3rd Floor - Istanbul
Concepts: Market Town with Istanbul's lamps.

The hanged lights was hypnotizing and beautiful, the color filled my eyes with splash of vibrant details.

Outlets: mini-shops of shoes, bags, jewellery, gifts and decoration products.

4th Floor - San Francisco (City)
Concept: San Francisco's Chinatown

The Golden Gate Bridge was eye-catching and everybody can't seem to grasp the idea of an enormous replicate of the San Franscisco bridge in the center of the mall. Picture taking was in all sides of the bridge. Outlet: Thailand's famous restaurants.

5th Floor - San Francisco (Pier)
Concept: San Francisco's Fisherman Village

Giant marine creatures are everywhere and if you're starving, the sight will surely keep you salivating.

Outlets: International restaurants and food court of Pier21.

6th Floor - Hollywood
Outlets: Cinema City, Fitness First, spa and IT products zone. 

Too bad I never got to take a single picture there too .

I can't remember which floor I've found this stuff, it's quiet interesting so I just took a shot of it.

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