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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bangkok Shopping Malls, Market and Bazaar, Thailand

Shopping Time!

Vacation Checklist:

-comfortable flats

-summer dress
-loads of bats in your pocket, I mean baht
-sun glasses
-bottled water (must-have!)
-strong muscles to carry all the loads of plastic bags or paper bags if your a princess. 

The sun was up and the streets were buzzing with people as we make our way to the market. No matter how other women denies they love shopping , we always have it within us. We might have different preferences and time allotted for shopping but women just love shopping. I can attest to that! In spite of my continuous bragging about how long my mom can decide for a certain dress or the color of a polo shirt , I was actually enjoying my bragging about it. It sounded so ridiculous but at the end of the day when we arrived at our place;I saw my new clothes and t-shirts for my brothers laid down in the bed and I had this huge smile on my face. However, It was really exhausting and just don't want to do it again. It's not really my idea of a vacation I would prefer to be trekking for hours in the mountains or have the sun burn my back at the beach.

Pratunam's Market is located at the intersection of Ratchaprarop and Phetburi Road , opposite of Platinum Fashion Mall and nearby is the famous Baiyoke tower II. Pratunam Night Market starts at 5:00 PM until 11:00 PM. You'll get more discounts if you buy the clothes in wholesale price. For a minimum of 3 items you can save up to 30-50 baht each and for 6 items almost 50% discount. 

A few metres away is the Platinum Fashion Mall which is opposite of Pratunam Market. This is where more fashionable with more quality items are sold and at a much higher prices compare to the market. Surprisingly, I took two shots of the Platinum Fashion Mall streets: daylight and nightlight. It's a great comparison of how traffic works in Bangkok.

Pratunam to MBK Shopping Mall by taxi: 50 baht. From MBK Mall you can transfer from one mall to another, they're all closely built along with Siam Malls. MBK mall is located on Phayathai, near Siam Tower and Hard Rock Cafe, also near BTS National Stadium. The MBK mall was next to Siam Square and Siam Center and they're connected by sky bridges. The next mall we headed was the Siam Center/Siam Discovery Center where it features class and sophisticated shops. 

An asleep white-colored friend of Snoopy was enormously place near a post to give people mischievous thought or simply an eye-teaser.  Alongside is a tunnel which leads to the Siam Paragon Mall. As we make our way to the hallway we passed by interesting arts. A vein-like tree branch literally hanged on a rectangular frame giving the corner an eerie feeling. While a set of wine glasses were literally pasted to a white board which exceptionally creates beautiful reflection shadows.

The highlight shot of my day. It was looking through a fish-eye lens , which I don't have one and I just ridiculously imagining it when taking this photo. A simple picture that shows life ways. Two couples cuddles in one chair, while a young lady reading a book perhaps a student sits quietly. A guy waiting for someone and glances at the lovebirds at the corner of his eye and a young woman relaxing after a days work. One picture can tell a thousand stories. The next picture shows life simple joys. Two friends playfully sits on one chair, in spite having three chairs unoccupied. Outside Siam Paragon is a dancing fountain and a wide area to see the sunlight. 

Siam Paragon has their own version of Gardens by the Bay just like in Singapore, which is more smaller in size and they made it as an interior design. Taxi back to Pratunam Market fare 50 baht. Be alert some taxi even offered us 150 baht for just a 10 minutes ride. Always take metered taxi never ride taxi with a Flat Fare. If they insist then go get yourself another cab, their dishonesty only proves they can't be trusted.

The other day we visited Terminal 21 Mall and it's the most creative and unique mall I've ever seen. It is located at Watthana district between Sukhumvit and Asok intersection. A must-see for everyone and if you're passing by Bangkok you surely shouldn't miss this spot.

When the sun goes down a different kind of shopping emerges in Bangkok. We definitely did not miss the chance to be there, we head straight to the  Night Bazaar at Ramkamheng Soi 65 for cheaper clothes and delicious street foods. I had more street food shopping during the night bazaar. I feel more satisfied trying out variety of foods than shopping for clothes. 

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