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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Food trip in Bangkok, Thailand

Food trip in Pratunam Market 

Pratunam Market is located at the intersection of Ratchaprarop and Phetburi Road , opposite of Platinum Fashion Mall. The glint of happiness in my eyes was visible as I pass by each stall in the market.

Vacation Checklist:

-loose clothing/maternity dress
-short shorts to divert attention away from the belly
-comfortable flats
-brimmed hat and a body bag
-tons of small bills
-grizzly appetite for food
-strong stomach
Optional : hotel's tissue roll ,wet tissues, loperamide/lomotil tablets - just kidding!

Bangkok streets especially near the public markets are packed with vendors selling a variety of street foods.  Seafood Stall selling mouth-watering tiger prawns in a stick and medium size crabs was the eye catching of them all.

I've noticed a variety of sticky rice in the streets : one is steam and packed in a plastic sheet while others were grilled and it comes in different colors. While roaming around inside Pratunam Market looking from piles and piles of clothes we bought some quail eggs snacks from an old lady, for 20 baht.  
What I really love about Bangkok is that there's always chilled fresh fruits sold around the corner. It doesn't just look good but it taste even better. The freshly squeezed fruits are just exceptionally refreshing with Bangkok's traffic and scorching heat. All kinds of fruits are squeezed and sold in the streets. Freshly Squeeze Pomegranate Drink: 40 baht
 My mum's favorite treat in Bangkok located at the outer rear of Pratunam Market and a few steps away from Mcdonald's. The crepe was tasty and it was served hot, price depends on how many toppings you want. 25 baht - 50 baht for one order. It's cheaper compared to ones I dine in dessert outlets but the taste exceeds my expectations. Even better for you can make way for your charm to add some more toppings. Be friendly that's all and it will surely make a difference.

Lunch at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market was delicious we ordered Pad Thai with chopped peanuts on top. The other two noodle dish was minced pork with wanton wrapper and beef with fish cake and added more of bean sprout, as requested by my cousin. The bean sprout was my favorite it's crispy and fresh, the floating market was a great place to try new dishes. Food Prices range from 50-100 baht. Foods sold in the floating market was satisfying, it was fresh and tasty. One place that should definitely be in your vacation checklist when your in Thailand. 

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