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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho Temple or Wat Phra Chetuphon 

Wat Pho Temple or Wat Phra Chetuphon ,famously known as the temple of the reclining Buddha. It is located at Chetuphone road, behind Grand Palace. The oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. The temple is really not that strict with the dress code; they even provide cover-ups for people showing more skin, who wants to see the reclining Buddha inside the temple.

How to get there:

South side of Grand Palace. Walk either left or ride side of the Palace wall and the Wat Pho temple is just a metres away. Keep in mind it's a walking distance from the Palace so no need to get a taxi. It's better to walk so you can buy some fruits or street foods along the way and avoid taxi drivers driving you in circles to get to the temple. Even worse, some drivers passed by shops where they encourage you to take have a look and you lose precious time.

Wat Pho Entrance Fee: 100 baht

As I entered the gate these cute behinds of two elephants greeted me. It was a funny site and it only means a good start for the day. The temple welcomes foreigners in open arms, they even provide cover-ups when you enter and a handy bag for your shoes. It's good to know that they want to avoid misplace shoes and at the same time keep the place clean and organized. The gigantic reclining Buddha highlights the tourist spot at Wat Pho temple, the image of the Buddha was surprisingly striking. 

When we entered the temple people were carrying loads of coins and one by one they drop it in a caterpillar line of metallic pots. Then later I realized they were actually praying and it said that at the end of the line they can make a wish. We never bothered to try it; I was just curious and seeing them do it was already entertaining to me. It reminded me of playing "sungka" which is an old game in Philippines, where you drop a certain number of pebbles in a block of wood with 9 holes. There's a man-made waterfall and stone benches where you can hang around for a while and take a rest. 

It was really hot and the temperature was draining all the fluids I had with me. Unfortunately, we missed one spot, the place where they have a collection of different Buddha's made with different materials. My mother and I hurried to see this giant Buddha that sits at the center of the temple and the other side was actually the temple we've missed.
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