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Sunday, August 25, 2013

iFly Singapore Indoor Skydiving

Are you ready to Fly?
iFLY Singapore

"The world's largest skydiving themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving"

How to get there

By MRT: Alight at Harbourfront. Go straight to Vivo City right outside the MRT station. Take the elevator up to the 4th floor and get your ticket for the Sentosa tram ride. Or if you want to take a leisure walk take the covered pathway to Sentosa outside the mall. 

This is suitable for all ages!

Vacation Checklist:
-something to tie your hair
-bottled water
-handkerchief - to wipe off the saliva, trust me you'll need it!
-sense of humour
-free your mind/ think of happy thoughts!

We bought ahead of time for the iFLY activity; I had it earlier of course than my friend considering I'm the type of person who gets so excited all the time. I've bought my ticket the moment I saw it at I wasn't even thinking that I'm going do it alone. I was exasperatingly excited to try it; I'm supposed to do it on my last birthday. However, insufficient funds and bad timing was along my way. Now that I have it in my grasp I'm not going to let it go. Good thing, a good friend of mine was up to the challenge of doing the activity with me. The deal we purchased highlights a two rounds of iFLY and oh a glass of Mojito at Sky Loft which is just located on top of the IFLY building. 

We had some basic orientation on proper posture and safety tips before flying. The amenities was built to take your imagination to a flying level, pictures of flying were posted, you can even hear a helicopter lurking around the area and of course a suited pilot to make the atmosphere more realistic. And Oh my our instructor was a hottie! Attention everyone please take your seat. Mr. Tall and Handsome Hunk on board? Check! 

It made the experience more enticing and we were happily nervous to jump aboard. During the orientation we were taught how to read hand signals because once you're inside the tube audibility is nowhere to be found. A peace sign meant to keep your legs straight , while a bend peace sign means slowly bend your knees and an approve sign that tells you're doing a great job. Majority in the group were beginners except for the Australian couples. For beginners, it was the simple up and down motion of the body, bump here and there and the unavoidable drooling sensation.

Once you're in the entrance of the tube, a strong gush of wind surprises you which automatically alter your balance. Then Mr. Hot Hunkie Dude pulls you like a runaway bride and off you go. The powerful air takes you in full throttle as it brings your body up like a Pinocchio string doll. Now I know why Pinocchio moves like a drunken boy. Then superman holds your body steady  to a horizontal position and makes the peace signal. Mr. Hot Hunkie Dude automatically transforms to Superman mode when the wind lifts him up , unfortunately without removing his suit . At least he doesn't have to worry about lost laundry. It is advisable for beginners to maintain a straight leg position and once in awhile Superman ask you to bend a little bit to lift your body higher off the ground. I've always been fascinated with flying and being suspended on air in that vacuum like tube was amazing. I was actually flying! It felt like flying. It boosts up my dream of being reincarnated as an eagle. Well, I've always love to be a butterfly then but life is too beautiful for just a week or a month to live. The first time you're inside the tube was like the trial mode and the second time you're pulled in is the real phase. This is where Superman allows you to float on your own, or simply holding on to your calf to keep you steady. It was like fulfilling my ultimate dream of flying, a kind of preparation for my sky dive plan in the near future.

We then proceed to the rooftop bar and restaurant called Sky Loft which is located in the same building. The Loft had a beautiful view of the ocean with all the ships standing by waiting for the next order they receive from the captain.

Our friendly bartender made a thirst-quenching Mojito for us and we enjoyed the rest of the day chatting about life's complexities. The day ended well with a blast of Mojito, a small chitchat with the bartender and another round of free drink. 

Location: iFly Singapore 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01, Singapore 099010. 
Contact number: +65 6571 0000

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