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Monday, August 19, 2013

SAFRA Wall Climbing, Singapore

Childhood Climbing Flashbacks

Vacation Checklist:

-comfortable sports clothes
-climbing shoes - (mine was not)
-bottled water
-extra clothes
-bubble gum, if allowed in the country
-loads of determination
-unleash spider man within you
-long arms and legs , just kidding!
-sticky palms, just kidding again!

When I was young I climb trees for fun, I've always been allured with reaching the top and see what's up there. I remembered that I've climbed this one tree over and over again but every time I'm in my favorite spot the things I see are always different. The sky has a different color, the cloud never stayed the same in shape and I believe anything can happen. Perhaps a bird passes by, a snap of a broken branch from one of your heavy friend's who is trying to reach you or maybe raindrops that comes from nowhere. 

I'm older now and it's inappropriate for me to be climbing trees in the neighborhood. Besides the trees I grew up with are out of my sight. We have changed our address to a place where only a few palm trees are present and flowering shrubs in the corner. A bit opposite to my jungle playground outside my cousins house which was at the same time a few steps away from the beach. Climbing trees were for free then however now the trees are cut down and nowhere to be found. We commonly found them in one corner of a community or on the center isle of the highway. I don’t think so making your way to the top of that tree would do you any good. In no time people will be screaming for you to get down, sirens coming your way and a fire truck lifting its metal staircase pops out, and you're left wondering. 
In connection to my old memories flashing back to my state of mind. It's due to a good friend of mine thoughtfully inviting me to join her in a wall climbing activity. We are now paying to do this? It's not actually a surprise for me I've done this before. It makes me think back with how free we were then and all the things around me were so accessible. 

Anyways this activity was bought at a very affordable price. I'm becoming an avid fan of now. For $6 dollars we had an all day access to Safra's wall climbing facility. They have five locations in Singapore, SAFRA: Jurong Point, Mount Faber, Toa Payoh, Tampines and lastly at Yishun where we had our activity.

I was excited like a new child whose about to go to Disneyland. However, I'm not a child anymore and I've never been to Disneyland. As a normal, young adult I have responsibilities and it only means I have to balance my work with my happiness. People said you can only choose one and you can't have everything you want. I proved them wrong and I'm proud of myself for that. I've chose both that day, yes there were some minor consequence but it was worth it. It's a risky task and you have to be calm and confident about it. I just remembered when we were in the beginner's wall a child was stranded on top. Nobody notices it the people waiting down there thought he was just resting. I passed by him and noticed that he was clinging to the wall like a lizard and he had this "I'm not moving face no matter what you say." I had to stop on my way up and talk him out of letting go. He said he might fall and I was like you made it this far and you didn't fall? It's the hardest part of the climb when you feel like giving up and you ask yourself what am I doing here? I guess it's the same thing in life where you made an irrational decision and you ask yourself this question. You made it this far and just continue moving forward. You must be doing something right because you're heading on top. What's really nice about kids is that when they see you're that confident they mimic your attitude and believes in it. I made a deal with him that we do it together, he followed what I'm doing and we made it safely on ground.

It was a great day to be going wall climbing , and what a lucky coincidence they had an activity. We had a free treat of cotton candy and a bar of ice cream. Now it makes me want to talk about my cotton candy childhood stories, maybe some other time. 

We geared up and started at the beginner’s wall. It was quite easy it was sort of a warm up for your arms and legs to stretch and get use to the wall. Then we proceed to a more challenging wall where we sweat a bucket of salty liquid. It was a test of endurance and determination with a twist of adrenaline fun. Professionals  were actually competing in the other wall arena, trying to reach the top fast and even faster going down the wall. It was fascinating to see a lot spiders in human form. If I had more time maybe  I would even try that wall despite my limited experience in wall climbing. They don't know me and besides I don't know them too, life is short let’s make more embarrassing moments. I've read that an embarrassing moment would only be embarrassing if you remembered it that way, so I guess it’s a matter of perspective. 

Anyways, my muscles were happily sore and my mood meter was way up high. Add it up with a big twirl of cotton candy and an ice cream which just made my sugar level skyrocketed to the maximum level.  I would definitely do this again! Next time I would absolutely have to make sure it’s in a more appropriate day. 

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