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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Waffle Time in Singapore

Waffle Time!
You can have it crispy with peanut butter or simply soft and gooey with blueberry!
It's one of my favorite treats in Singapore. Waffles are a popular snack by locals and foreigners and loved by all ages. People line up in the malls just to get their hands on that warm, soft and gooey piece of pastry. 

In the Philippines the waffle are circular, tunnel-like and has a piece of meat inside. In contrast to Singapore, the waffles are in circular shape and you can choose any kind of filling you want then it is fold into half. It would look like a sandwich excluding the tomato, lettuce, meat and dressing.

Now that I'm talking about waffle I remembered my first waffle in Singapore. It was in Changi General Hospital, I ordered it with peanut butter or blueberry. Right then I knew I was in love, deeply affectionate with Singapore's waffle. It taste really good and at an affordable price, with less than S$2 you can already enjoy its heart-warming taste. 
A pandan-colored waffle with blueberry filling. A Waffle stall with a wide range of fillings to choose from.

Waiting time: less than two minutes, depends on the queue and the expertise of the waffle maker. 

A great snack while waiting for bus you should at least finish before the bus arrives. In Singapore food and beverage are among the things that are not allowed inside the vehicle. It tastes better when eaten warm. A delightful treat that will surely fills up the void in the stomach, especially when skipping meal or on a long journey going home. 

Always remember to keep those pennies you're dreading about. It might fill up the space in your purse bag but it can save your day from gastric acidity, hunger and to avoid expensive restaurants.  A cheap delicious treat to yourself and your friend.

Waffle Stations in Singapore:

1. Jurong Point Mall - Basement level 
2. Marsiling MRT - Cake History (near Fairprice)
3. Tampines Bus Interchange/MRT- Q Bread (beside Bee Cheng)
4. Braddell MRT ExitA-3C Daily Fresh  (01-348 , a few metres away from McDonald’s)
5. Searching for more outlets.

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