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Friday, August 1, 2014

Phuket, Thailand Adventure Day

Third Day Phuket Trip

Vacation Checklist:

- Camera (waterproof)
- Rashguard
- Swim Shorts
- Sunblock
- Rimmed Hat
- Sunglasses
- Change Clothing
- Muscle Rub (optional) 

The tour van picked us up early from our hotel that day and after a 15 minutes drive we stopped by monkey cave for sightseeing. People are encouraged to feed the monkeys outside the caves. The feeding bonanza basket cost around 100 baht which includes 2-4 peeled corns, 1 small jar of peanuts and a small bundle of banana. 

We drove further on more winding roads and after an hour or so arrived in Phang Nga. The Sutin Group Adventure site is located at 65/46 Mu 6, T. Kathu, A. Kathu, Phuket 83120, Thailand.

I contacted our trusted friend from the hotel to booked us another activity. The exciting package consists of: Water Rafting, ATV, Flying Fox, Elephant ride with show and waterfall trekking. Package price for each individual was 2800 baht, we got it half the price and was even lowered down to 3200 baht, we only paid 1600 baht for each (Saved 2400 baht).

The adventure kick off with our extreme Water Rafting in Phanga Nga's river in the island of Phuket. It's really not that extreme but then let's just put it that way,besides it was raining so the river was strong compared if it was a sunny day. A small covered truck sent us off to our starting point along the river.  What made the rafting interesting was the rainfall that day, it had increased the water level in the river and that made way for the strong current. The current was so stubborn that we had to help ourselves going down the river instead of just gliding down with the raft. I was worried for the kids who joined the trip and even for my mum. However, the excitement was too much to contain that I can't help but to laugh and smile all the way the river and all through our bumpy ride. The intensity of hitting the water was so much fun for me that it didn't bother me if the raft capsize. I've even thought that it would be more pleasurable falling in the water, crazy me huh?! We arrived safely back to our docking point and was ushered back to the truck. 

The next activity on the list was the Elephant Ride. Another First! I've always wanted to be on top of this humongous animal and see how it feels like to be one of the largest animal on the planet. Our guide picked us up in a tree house-like platform which began our journey to the jungle-like adventure with a certain movie theme playing in my mind The road to El Dorado. I'm not sure if I heard it right our elephant's name was Kelp, his skin was thick and the hair was sticking out like soft wires. It tickled my skin at first but eventually I got used to it. I felt totally secured on top of Kelp's head, even thou his skin was rough the warmth beneath it provide ease and comfort. It was just a short ride,passing by different rocky terrains: a river, a steep climb up and  down the trail. My mum stayed at the backseat with the improvised chair and seat belt, she was having a blast and I was on high. 

After the ride Kelp even allowed me to hug him. He gave a loud noise which meant as thank you. Our guide was like a professional geographic channel photographer , he took our pictures all through the ride so giving some 100 baht tip is not that bad, besides the pictures are fabulous. The package deal we've booked was totally budget friendly. 

Lunch was served warm and with an average taste, my stomach grumbled and shouted for more.  

The team in charge with the activities wasn't well organized so I had to follow-up with them a few times. Another activity awaiting for us was the Flying Fox, its the same thing with Zip-line. Straps of nylon are wrapped around your shoulders and truck, and then a harness is attached at your back that supports your weight all the way till you reach the end of the rope. I've done this kind of activity a few times and I'm still craving for it. I asked the one in-charge to put me upside down so I can have a different feel which I also did recently in Philippines. We didn't understand me and they were in a hurry. It bothered me that they were not cautious considering it was raining that day. For safety purposes a rider must be fastened to the cable when he arrives in the platform. Everything went well and I'm more than happy about that. We went down the tower with greases in our faces and clothes, it must have been due to the rain. 

The Elephant Show started without any notice, whoever is available to see it can just come over at the small hut. It was a baby elephant who performed in front of everyone. He played the hula hoop, played the harmonica, and even kiss each and everyone goodbye after the show. The way he looked at me was so mysterious, I don't know if it was just me or maybe I'm the only one whose looking intensely at him in eye. My phone was able to capture that look and you can tell there's something in the way he stares. Most elephants I saw there even the one he rode on , I call him Big Boy Kelp and he does not gazed that way. I felt pity and sad , I wondered if his happy with his surroundings.

The rain poured like there's no tomorrow, our guide decided to cancel the waterfall trekking for everyone's safety. I was disappointed but then safety comes first, besides I already had a blast all day long especially during the ATV activity. The weather was not good at all and they even asked us to sign a waiver for riding the ATV. It was a dangerous ride because the terrain now is more muddy, some land and rock slides , while deep holes were filled with water. Everyone signed and was tasked to drive safely. It was quite challenging especially when you have to drive a steep unpaved road and have to make your way down a series of big rocks. 

We finished all the activities before dark and was sent back to the hotel. Before having dinner my mum and I decided to visit the nightlife capital of Phuket. It was still early yet the place was already crowded with party people. After a long stroll we decided to have a thai something I've longing to do ever since we step on the island. I was hungry but then it's not advisable to a full stomach before a massage. Good thing we passed a street vendor whose selling crepes with different fillings and flavors. I had the Strawberry Banana Crepes worth 40 baht. 

Thai Massage with Oil. 1 hour full body relaxation and bone bending worth 350 baht.

Dinner at Malin Plaza
Pad Thai 100 baht, Fresh grilled prawns 80 baht, Fresh grilled squid and Watermelon shake 50 baht. Total: 280 baht

For Dessert: Mangosteen 2 kg for 80 baht

Late night shopping for souvenirs at Insoi Market. We bought sleeveless with Thailand logo worth 100 baht for females and 150 baht for males. 

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