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Friday, August 1, 2014

Phuket, Thailand Island Hopping Day

Second Day Phuket Trip

Package deal: 1500 baht each for 7 island visits, inclusive: snorkeling with gear, lunch buffet and fresh fruits by the beach.

The sun was up and so are we. Actually we woke up earlier than Mister Sunshine. The tour van was going to pick us up before 7:30 Am, so we had to be ready before that and have our light breakfast. Good news is DCC Hotel offers free coffee and tea for all the guest and some sweet biscuits. I booked the other day for our island hopping tour which is still owned by the hotel, its practically named after the hotel too, DCC Tours. The package for one person was priced 3000 Baht , instead I was able to bargain the price of one for two persons,so it means I only paid 1500 baht each for the island hopping trip. (Saved 3000 baht) What a great deal to start our day! 

Vacation Checklist

- Camera (waterproof)
- Rashguard
- Swim Shorts
- Sunblock
- Rimmed Hat
- Sunglasses
- Snorkelling Gear (optional)

The van arrived a bit late but that's fine, we travelled less than an hour to the meeting point where our fancy looking speedboat was waiting for us. The waiting was still on ,the organizer was waiting for the other tour vans to arrived, plus considering the fact we were the first tourist to be there so just imagine how long we waited. I don't wear my watch when I'm out on a vacation and I try to avoid looking at the time in my phone too. Trust me, not knowing the time you were picked up late and the time you waited for the trip to start really helps. In that way I was able to focus on taking pictures and chatting along with my mum and with a few tourist seated beside me. I guess that's why when you stay in hotels or resorts you wont find any trace of clock in the corner or dangling in the wall. People are always thinking when they see the time pass by and we become bombarded with ideas that we haven't spent our time wisely or simply wasted it , for instance: a 30 minutes meal, 20 minutes bath, 15 minutes coffee break, 10 minutes waiting for a cab , and the list go on and on. Everyone has insufficient time to spend just for the simple things in life that should be enjoyed. I will not allow myself to be constricted with this kind of aura on my vacation, so I never will check out the time when I'm on out there with my adventures. 
Before we headed to our speedboat a roll call was called and a simple orientation of the islands were visiting was explained. They even provided motion sickness medicine for everyone.  The list of islands to be visited was as follows: Maya Bay where we're given a 45 minutes time to swim, sightseeing and take some pictures. Feed the monkeys with peanuts at Monkey Island, 45 mins swim time in Phi Phi Island, Buffet Lunch at Phi Phi Don island and a 2 hours chill out time at Khai Nai Island. 

First Stop. Maya Bay, where some of the footage from the movie "The Beach" was taken.

Second Stop. Monkey Island - An island with a few monkey settlers, at the meeting point we were encouraged to buy peanuts to feed them, as well a loaf of bread for the fishes during snorkeling time.

Sightseeing Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave. We just passed by this attraction without us knowing, the guide was not able to inform us and no one bothered to ask.

Third Stop. Buffet Lunch at Phi Phi Don Island which is included in the day trip package.

Khai Nai Island - The last island in our map where we're given 2 hours to relax, have some fresh fruits , snorkel and just enjoy the beach. There are sunbeds available for rent which cost around 200 baht for two chairs sharing one umbrella. Last Island stop before we head back to the starting point of Phuket Island and after the van sent us off back to our respective hotels.

Dinner Time. The smell of grilled seafoods, stir fry noodles and freshly prepared fruit juice can only be found at Malin plaza. An appetizing dinner awaits everything who visits this place and thus always brings a big smile to my starving palette.

We ordered peeled grilled prawns 40 baht, grilled squid head 40 baht, pad thai 100 baht, sticky rice 10 baht , crocodile meat 50 baht and watermelon shake 50 baht. Total: 340 baht. Passed by the nearest convenient store and bought some Mineral Water 15 baht, Ice cream Magnum 10 baht and 1 chang beer bottle for 15 baht. Total: 40 baht.

Late night shopping at Insoi Market. Purchased an I love Phuket sleeveless shirt for 210 baht each. 

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