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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kintamani Tour, Bali Indonesia

Kintamani Tour

Vacation Checklist:
- Camera
- A Local Guide
- Jacket and Umbrella
- Snacks
- Rupiah Currency
- A few bottles of curiosity

After my sunsrise trek I was sent back to the guesthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Pineh welcomed me back home and ask about my activity. They asked me to washed up and have my coffee break with banana fritters. I didn't have anything planned for that afternoon so I decided to go around Kintamani. My driver picked me up to have my short tour. We visited the Temple ? ,which is located at ??. I can't remember the name of the temple and either can't find it in google, so feel free to enlighten me the name of this temple. The road wasnt paved and no lights were establish for safe driving at night. I thought what I've found in the area were abandoned houses, it turns out to be their place of worship during temple occasion. 

For now let me call it Kintamani Temple. A monk was singing praises for the Gods when we visited the place, then suddenly it started to drizzle which makes everything so surreal. I was travelling alone and the feeling of being in a quite place overwhelmed me with peace. A certain kind of feeling we don't have in our daily lives living in the city.

It was a very solemn temple. The bamboo bridge made the experience exotic as I make my way inside the temple. Bali is considered as the Island of the Gods, no wonder why there's a lot of temples in every community and household. The fact that they have a strong faith in their religion proves how they value their family and community cooperation.

We passed by a hot spring resort in Kintamani named The Ayu and I went for my Balinese Massage worth 100,000 IDR, and it was one of the best massage I've ever had. The trek twisted all my dormant muscles and my body ache in different sides. The expertise of a caring hand was all it needed to heal the muscle strain. I felt good and energize after the massage that I can't help to tip 50,000 IDR to the one who cared for me.

The fog already started to accumulate in the late afternoon and it was such a beautiful site. It reminds me of my grandmother's house back in the Philippines. 

It was already dark when I've finished my massage so I decided to have my dinner before I went back to the guesthouse. Kintamani is a very laid back part of the island and it doesnt cater that much to tourist when it comes to restaurants. Meal for two worth 250,000 IDR. 150,000 IDR for the special mee goreng and 100,000 IDR for fried fish with garlic. Some rice and a ginger tea for me. 

The first time I arrived in Bali I had ginger tea and I planned to drink tea more often for the following days. I intentionally wanted to have fish for dinner because I've heard that the fish there was delicious. Indeed it was! the fish was naturally juicy and sweet. After a nice meal we headed straight back to the guesthouse. The streets were dark and the fog was dense. It was ridiculously a dangerous ride and Im glad we got home safely. The people of Kintamani considered the fog and the empty street lights normal but I felt sad or even more worried for them to be driving in that condition every night. 

I was ready for my long,deep sleep that night, the massage made it all happen in a quick snap. I felt like I was still on that very spot where I had my massage when I went to bed that evening. 

Sneak Peak for next post:
The next day I woke with the sound of chirping birds and the smell of coffee. Mrs. Pineh prepared a coffee and tea tasting for me. I was excited to try each one of them, each were poured into small glasswares and pair with freshly cooked banana fritters. 

I've booked with Pineh Travels for the Cycling Tour worth 300,000 IDR. 
Bali Cycling Tour Itinerary: 
Pick up and return to hotel by A/C car.
Mountain Bike and safety helmet provided.
Breakfast (overlooking an active volcano) 
Water bottles provided too
Lunch ,Cold face towels after the ride.
An in depth explanation of the culture from experienced guides.
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