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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Kintamani Bali 1

Pineh Travel tours

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek: $40 /400,000 IDR 

Mount Batur is Bali's active volcano with a height of approximately 1717 meters above sea level. 

Itinerary for the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour :

02.00 Hotel pick-up, drive directly to starting point
03.00 Breakfast banana pancake with chocolate + tea or Bali Coffee.
04.00 From starting point about 2 hours to reach the peak of Mount Batur accompanied by licensed organization trekking guide.
05.00 Stop will be made for short break and drinking water.
06.15 Arrive at the peak of Mount Batur, while waiting the sunrise a packed breakfast will be served with a special volcanic steamed eggs.
07.00 Descend the path down to other crater, crater 2 & 3 and last crater erupted on the year of 2000.
09.00 Arrive back on the shore of Lake Batur, drive more further where a stop is made and have a  banana fritter, drink, pick fruits on the trees, enjoy fresh organic fruits at Pineh Colada Bali.
10.00 Drive back to the hotel/guesthouse.

Vacation Checklist:
- Jacket (windbreaker)
- Camera
- Leggings
- Sports Shirt 
- Energy Bars
- First Aid Kit
- Raincoat
-  Bottled Water
- Headlamps (optional)
- Bonnet (optional)

My first alarm woke me up around two o'clock in the morning but as usual I was fully awaken after 30 minutes. I already took my bath before I went to bed so getting ready was totally quick for me. Mind you even if there's a water heater its not a good idea to take a bath aside from its lazy to get ready that early, you might be getting a cold too. The temperature is down during those hours and having yourself wet is definitely not a good idea, you need all the available warmth in you body for the trek. The meeting point for all the climbers was in The Green Bali. Mr. Pineh's travel tour offers free coffee and banana pancake in his Pineh Colada Hut. As early as two in the morning people were coming from all over Bali to Kintamani. Good thing I stayed in Mr. Pineh's guesthouse so waking up as early as everyone was not on my list. 

The starting point was less than 15 minutes away from Pineh Colada. I didn't expect that there were a few tourists doing the climb, we were all distributed to different local guides and each were given a flashlight. A brief exchange of hi's and hello's was done and I learned something about Balinese people during that introduction. I was transferred two times to different groups, maybe considering I'm the lone traveller among the pack and they wanted to balance the numbers. What surprises me is that it actually didn't bother me, I was perfectly fine with it. I had this kind of attitude with all of the days I stayed in Bali. My amazement with my flexibility was an eye opener. A person can adjust to different environments if they wanted to and I proved that to myself. 

We were behind schedule when we started the trek,maybe an hour or so. I was worried that we wont have enough time to make it to the summit to see the sunrise. It was dark and cold. The stars and our each individual flashlights provided by our guides were the only source of light as we climb for two hours. The first hour climb was a piece of cake, the track was flat and easy. However as we get further up to the volcano the trail was difficult and we needed a few breaks as it gets steeper along the way. I had to stretch my lazy muscles to pull my whole body from one rock to another. Less than 30 minutes away the summit the trail was not tolerable for some tourist so they we left half of the group to give them some time to rest and slowly make their way. As the other half of us made our way up the volcano as fast as we can. The dawn of light was breaking which fueled me to climb higher and faster. The tour guides were not that familiar with our names so we were called according to our countries. I was the only Asian traveller and Filipino among the group. I believed I stand out more because I came there alone and was always lurking with the guides. 

It was a challenging and memorable climb. I got to learn more about Balinese people and why they seem to have the same nicknames. I never thought travelling alone can be this fulfilling, no wonder a lot of people liked the idea. 

We reached the 1st point of the trek, where a small hut to rest was built overlooking the mountains. A few snaps here and there and we descend down and up the other part of the volcano to have a clearer view of the sunrise. Passed my craters with steam of smoke arising from the  ground. A smaller was also there for the guides to prepare the breakfast meal for everyone. Further up is where the marvelous sight of Mount Abang and Mount Agung on the view. It was a breathtaking. I would change a thing about it. There was a sea of cloud which makes one think its possible to cross the other mountain from the other side. 

It was indeed a sight worth sharing with your friend and most especially your special one. A special moment in my life that I only heard the sound of the wind and the silent mountain, a bond that I will always cherish with nature. I can't profoundly explain it in text but it happens when you go on a solo trip and you're on top of a mountain. "Deep , Sweet , Sad, Bless."

I've meet a group of interesting, friendly monkeys, they roam around the volcano as it's their playground.

Wooden benches and Stones were provided for everyone to admire the marvelous sunrise. We stayed in the summit until the sunrise was in total view. Nature's spectacular show unfold in my eyes with flames of orange and yellow , bursting with radiant warmth that puts a curved line in each facial disposition. While everyone is busy enjoying the picturesque view our guides were at the same time cooking our breakfast. We had a freshly sliced banana sandwich with one hard boiled egg. This time the rays of the sun was sparkling like a diamond. We went back to the much bigger hut where the clouds were prominently whiter. 

Wayan, our local guide asked if anyone was coming to the second and third crater. It will take around 30 mins farther more , that leads to the other side of the volcano. It's a once in a lifetime experience and I'm not going to say no for such an adventure.

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