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Friday, November 21, 2014

Serenity Eco Guesthouse, Bali Indonesia

Where to stay in Canggu

Sunset in Canggu Beach

After my successful cycling tour with flying french kisses it was time to head to Canggu Beach. My pick up transfer was late so I already knew I won't be able to do my surfing lesson. It was a three hours drive to my guesthouse, with all the traffic and a one stopover for bladder break. We passed by all the famous tourist places of Bali. Every place has its own distinct aura and activity. 

For the adventure seekers and trekkers head straight to Kintamani, which was also my first destination. Next is Ubod for the art and nature lovers. Seminyak comes next for the shoppers, labelled shops sits side by side in this area. Stay in Despensar or Sanur if you want to be near the airport and cheap souvenir outlets. While Kuta is the most famous tourist destination in Bali from riding the waves to catching the sunset. If you like party till dawn this is the right place for you too. As for me I stayed 30 minutes away from Kuta beach. The place is called Canggu, the surfers paradise in Bali either for beginners or expert level. I searched in google for a place safe and away from bustling sounds. I feel in love with Serenity Eco Guesthouse from its tripadvisor reviews ,and another plus points because they offer yoga.  

Serenity Eco Guesthouse 
3 days and 2 nights 
$40 /S$50 /400,000 IDR

Serenity Eco Guesthouse is located in Jl. Nelayan Gg. Dolphin, Banjar Canggu, Badung, Bali. A quite place to unwind and reminisce good times. They offer free breakfast for everyone, a small pool and even yoga sessions. I've finally meet the most calming teacher of all time. She was tall, beautiful and humble. I arrived in Canggu late in afternoon and the smell of silence roams around town. It also meant I was late for my surfing lesson. I wasn't able to find the AJ Hewett Bungee Jumping too. I decided to catch my activities the next day and immediately booked for my fun diving session. The reception staff in Serenity was very accommodating and helped me through with my inquiries. They manage to booked my dive and was very patient with me. 

I immediately went to the beach to catch the Sunset, good thing it was just 2 minutes away from the guesthouse. The sunset in Canggu beach is beautiful especially with all surfers riding the waves , a picture perfect for sunset lovers like me. I wanted to have a quick swim but instead I was forced to just sprinkle some water in my hair. Lets just say I changed my mind when I saw the big waves in the beach. I just walk around and had my feet brush the waters. The current created massive waves so I stayed near the shoreline and while I was admiring my view, with only a few seconds to react this huge wave came running towards me. I was confident for a second it wont catch me so I stayed comfortable sitting on the sand. Then out of nowhere it carried me with it causing me to roll over and drenched myself with cold water. I bet the people who saw me laughed like crazy, I looked like a child rolling over with my feet on top of my head. It was such a funny experience that I kept on laughing even in my sleep. The sand in my face, my hair sticking out everywhere and my childish laughter made me realize that I can actually enjoy myself together with myself. 

The waves got stronger as the sky turned from orange to jet black. Panicked came over me when I saw that everyone was gone out of the beach. My beach strolling took me more than 45 minutes away from my guesthouse. The only way I know to get back was to follow the beach line.  It was a careless move for me to be walking in the beach alone with only a a few post lamps guiding my way. Unfavorable Man made  Incidents can be prevented if travelers keeps out of the danger zone at night. Breathing rapidly and consciously walk running allowed me to survive that long journey back. Lets say I acted paranoid that night but with all the bad news now anything wrong can happen. I arrived in my guesthouse safe and sound. If you're staying around Canggu beach its better to be back early in the evening. The place does not have enough stores to light up the night unless you're staying in Kuta. 

Great thing there's a small kitchen inside the guesthouse vicinity where you can order for your meal. Price ranges from IDR 25,000-55,000. 

Retreated to my room to changed and eventually had my dinner downstairs. I untied the mosquito net dangling in the ceiling and it gave me the vision of those Arabian princess living in their castle. Mine is just off beat from the real thing yet I was satisfied. I read a few pages in my book before I went to sleep. I planned to be fast asleep before midnight, preparing for my early pick up transfer the next day going to the dive site in Padang Bai. 

Sneak peak for my next post: Padang Bai Dive Itinerary

Pickup in Guesthouse at 07:30 
Meet and sign waiver at Onblue Dive, Sanur
Change to diving outfit with brief orientation.
Head to shore, hop in the Boat – approx 10-20 minutes to the dive site. 
First Dive with brief training of equipment's
Rest, Relax and Quick Lunch, then do the second dive. 
2 pm Back to shore ,shower and head straight to guesthouse.

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