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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shopping and Food Trip in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Finale

Hong Kong is a great place to try chinese and western fusion dishes, at the same time you can drop by in different bazaars to do some shopping. It's really not that cheap compared to Bangkok but if you know where to go then you're all set for a shopping spree. Besides we've already visited all the major attractions of Hong Kong like Lantau Island, Disneyland and Ocean Park, it was time to do some serious shopping. I'm really not into this stuff, as I always say yet I still end up buying stuff for myself and most especially for my family and friends. I've always love the feeling of buying things for other people. I always travel light so I always have space for a few souvenirs. 

We started the day by having Brunch at Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant nearby East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. First stop was in Jordan Station where we started our window shopping, I was able to buy a sneakers along the way. 

The real deal was in our Second stop in Mong Kok station where Sports Apparel floods the whole area. Two word for this place it's a "Athlete's Haven". Everywhere you see were all branded sports outlet selling clothes, shoes, bag and sports accessories. You can drop by Argyle Bazaar Mall for Ladies fashion. 

For braded clothing check out Langham Place for an air-conditioned shopping comfort. Take E2 exit and walk along Nathan Road towards Shan Tung Street. Better wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothing, wearing a jacket is a big no no. Drink lots of water and put on sunscreen if you're getting yourself exposed to a lot of sun. 

Another place for shopping is in our Third Stop at Causeway Station. Luxury brands fills the mall in this vicinity and can eat up all your dollars if you're a label freak. It was too much for me so If you're like me I went looking for a friendly bazaar around the area. We found one at Jardine's Crescent, take Exit E from the MTR. 

If you like shopping at night then check out the Night Market in Temple Street. Nearest MTR is Jordan or Yau Ma Tei. We choose Jordan MTR, the market is just 3 blocks away from the station to Temple Street.

We had to stop buy for Snacks at Hui Lau Chan after a tiring day of walking around the city. The refreshing taste of a cold drink, mixed with fruits and sweets was enough to get me back on the road again. I've never had a cold dessert with dumplings before, what an unusual pair for an afternoon delight. 

Must-try foods:
Dimsum, Dumpling, Noodles, Ice Deserts and Milk Tea. Never leave this country without trying out their specialties.

We went back to Tsim Tsai Tsui for a late night dinner at Hokkaido Rice Pizza in ISquare. The mall is right across the street from our hostel in Chunking Mansion. This is not your ordinary pizza with the dough, toppings and stuffed crust cheese filling. The base is made of rice shaped like a pizza dough and add in some fresh tomatoes and seeweed strips. It was something different and fresh. 

Last Day

The next day was our last day in Hong Kong and my mum had an early flight schedule. I was left alone to wander around the airport. I was planning to check out Shek O Beach. According to my research I just need to take Bus #9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR station and get off at the last stop. Travel time: 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, I had no more cash and its time consuming as stated by this kind tourist adviser, so I decided to hang around in the airport.

I said goodbye to noodles and dumplings.
Breakfast at Popeyes: HKD 40
Lunch at Mcdonalds: HKD 40 

I bought a windbreaker jacket at Terminal 2 for my future trekking activities. Guess what, I've even had time to Watch a Movie in their Airport Cinema. How cool is that?! It's my first time to watch a movie inside the airport so it was something different for me. All smiles as I watched the movie the Maze Runner. 

Reminders: Be sure to check in ahead of time. I didn't expect the boarding gates in Hong Kong Airport would reach from 1-500 +. After passing immigration a train will take you to the boarding gate, choose from 1-530 gates. My gate number was 503, good luck with that. I followed a series of signs that led me to a long escalator and to gate 501 onward. A bus then waits at the exit point which sends you off to your specific gate . After series of walking and transferring I've finally reached gate 503 for my flight with Tigerairways. Make sure to check the flight board or the information counter for your gate number. 

Lastly, I will end this post saying that the first and last thing I've learned when travelling in Hongkong is "Always Follow the Signs." Those direction were put up for a reason so lets make the most of it, and avoid getting lost in the country. 

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