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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Island Hopping, Krabi Thailand

Island Hopping, Krabi Thailand
All Aboard!

If there's one thing you should be doing in Krabi its an Island Hopping trip. The country proudly boast of its pristine white beaches and captivating islands. 

Hong Island + 7 more Islands with Sunset and Snorkeling experience (9:00 AM - 8:30 PM)
Adult: 1,800 baht
Child: 1,000 baht

Island Hopping Itinerary:
Pick up service from Klong Muang or Krabi Town
Pick up service from Aonang,Railey, Tonsai free transfer to local pier
Depart from local pier to Hong Island
Hong Island Bay - Relaxing, snorkeling, sunbathing and picnic is served on the beach.
Hong's Lagoon - Tour of the "room with a view" with sea lake, surrounded by limestone cliffs.
Lading Island - Swim Away from the crowds.
Daeng - Enjoying swimming and snorkeling, see tropical fish and coral reef.
Chicken Island - Snorkeling
Tup Island - relax and swim in sand banks (unseen in Krabi) where two islands are connected by a trip of sand. 
Poda Island - jewel in the Andaman Sea with lowland, picturesque bamboo plantation, magestic rock cliff bordered with a long beautiful beach. Watch the sunset BBQ dinner on the beach (high season) or buffet dinner at the restaurant (low season).
Fire show performed by tour guides.
Phra Nang Cave - swim with the phytoplankton on one of the world's beautiful beaches. 
Transfer back to hotel.  

Vacation Checklist:
Waterproof Bag (ride is bumpy so expect big splashes of water)
Waterproof camera or casing for your phone
Optional: Goggles and Snorkel for hygienic purposes

Pick up services from Klong Muang or Krabi Town is provided while if you're staying from Aonang,Railey or Tonsai they provide free transfer to local pier. The itinerary above wasn't according to plan but I guess we we're still able to visit all the 7 islands and done all the activities. Our first stop was to Railey's Island to pick up some supplies. This island offers a rock climbing activity where I saw a few of them doing it just nearby the port area. Miniboxtel Hostel - Where to stay in Krabi.

Snorkeling nearby Daeng Island for 30 minutes. The water wasn't really crystal clear but we've still manage to see some fishes. It's better to bring a loaf of bread with you to attract more  fishes. The boat then took us to Hong Lagoon they call it  "room with a view", the water was light green and full of small jellyfish. It's surrounded by limestone cliffs  and an opening which gives you the feeling of entering a new world. 

We spent an hour of fun and relaxation in Hong Island. You can do snorkeling, sunbathing or just lie down on the sand. My friend and I did lots of fun shots in this island. We also had the time to hang our wet clothes on our very own tree. This is the reason why it's advisable to bring a waterproof bag to keep all your things dry all throughout the trip. I wanted to stay longer in this island but we need to go to another island for our lunch break. 

Packed Lunch was given to us at Lading's Island, where we had the chance to sit anywhere we like around the small island. We had a great spot under a tree with a wooden swing attached to one of its branches. Food was fine but it wasn't enough for a big girl like me, let me rephrase that, for a small girl with a big appetite- that's me! 

Snorkeling nearby Chicken Island. The shaped of this island is amazing, literally you can see the chicken head and the neck out in the open. We swam nearby the island, this time around someone was smart enough to feed the fish with spoonful of rice and all of a sudden hundreds of yellow fish was all over of us. It was almost siesta time and the heat of the afternoon sun was getting stronger. Everyone got back to the boat after 15 minutes and off we go for our next island stopover. Tup Island is said to be one of the unseen islands in Krabi, where two islands are connected by a trip of sand. We hesitated for awhile to walk on the sandbar that connects to the nearby island,but with courage and a great leap of faith we managed to walk on water to the other island. Wow! That statement just defies gravity at all levels, well of course the sandbar was there to make it all happen. This other part of the island had a different vantage point, it gives you the feeling you're in the famous tv series "Survivor". 

Dinner Buffet in Poda Island. It is significantly one of the jewel in the Andaman Sea with majestic rock cliffs and a long stretch of white sand beach. The brochure said "Watch the sunset BBQ dinner on the beach (high season) or buffet dinner at the restaurant (low season)". I expected to have a barbecue dinner buffet but it didn't turned out that way, but the dish they prepared was delicious. 

I just love the beach. I strongly believe its  the most therapeutic place on earth aside from being on top of a mountain, and most especially watching the sunset fade away from the horizon. The sunset started with the usual burst of bright white light and slowly it was enveloped by the clouds. Everyone thought that was it, but of course as what the cliche goes "save the best for last". The sky slowly turned orange with a mixture of red and maroon colors. In a few seconds a color fusion of indigo and all sort of different shades of violet painted the sky. Time stop for everyone. All of us hushed, no one talked for minutes, some people snapped some pictures but most just sat down in awe staring at the sky. Before the sky turned completely dark our guides ask to get back to our boat for our special activity of the night. 

I was attracted to this Island Hopping package for one main reason. It said "Phra Nang Cave- swim with the phytoplankton on one of the world's beautiful beaches". It got me pretty excited and scared at the same time. Never in my wildest imagination have I ever thought of going on a night snorkeling. One bucketlist ticked off from the pages of my adventure diary. It was pitch dark as we travel to our destination only a few stars was as out in the open. Initially in the morning there was two groups on two separate sails, in the evening they combined the groups and everyone stayed in our side of the boat. I think its dangerous in the sense that there isn't enough life jackets for everyone or maybe there is , it's dark and anything can go wrong and I'm not sure if he have exceeded the recommended passenger capacity. Or it could also be that I'm just paranoid and I've really grown up all these years. It's funny how I compare my thinking now with regards to my teenager life. Wild and Crazy. These are the two perfect words that best describes how think back on those days. Now I believe in safety plus fun. "Ignorance is trully a Bliss", I remembered this in the movie The Matrix where Morpheus tells Neo that he is The one. Based from this part of the post you will noticed where I got my username. This alarming thought process of our safety was overcome with excitement due to the night swim. 

I don't know where we stop but I'm guessing based on the brochure we we're near Phra Nang Cave. Everyone put on their life jackets along with the snorkeling equipment and off we went down the boat. Two more boats joined the craze on that pitch dark night, all together everyone's light was turned off. We were tasked to moved our hands underwater so we'll be able to see the phytoplanktons. I moved my hands rapidly below and in an instant a small blue pen-point lighted up in the waters, then in split seconds they were everywhere. You don't see a thing whats down there except those blue fireflies-like light and it was completely beautiful. I was literally surrounded by it, what a magical moment it was. It felt like I was flying which snaps me back to reality that I was just floating on water ahahaa. I maybe exaggerating but its always a different feel for each person and for someone with a very wild imagination like me it was an ecstatic experience. We were then summon to the boat after a few minutes, I have a feeling its not safe enough to stay longer in the water. Maybe some fishes hopefully the small ones finds phytoplankton appetizing and with our legs producing bubbles down there we could be mistaken as food too. 

Lights were turned on again and the fire show started on one of the boats anchored nearby. I was expecting the fire show will be done on land yet they were cool enough to do it on board. The night ended with a fire breathing dragon technique where the smoke hovered for an instant in the air and cheers flooded the night sky. We were wheeled back to the hostel, had our midnight snack and settled the night with a relaxing massage. 
Massage with oil: 250,000 Baht
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